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For these kids living in isolated places, the internet radically redraws their horizon of possibility by giving them access to a virtual community. there is this sense that it’s impossible to imagine a full life in these places.What was it like talking to that kid who was your student’s friend? I hope that’s changing quickly in Bulgaria, as it’s changing elsewhere.Queer people in places like Bulgaria who know English have access to so many more resources than people who don’t know English.I remember one of the first conversations I had with a queer Bulgarian was actually before I was in Bulgaria.But remember that Bulgaria is a much smaller place. The internet has done more than anything else to puncture that particular type of solitude, the solitude that comes with a singular experience of stigma. I also think it’s potentially safer than offline cruising—although not necessarily.But what disturbs me most about online cruising, and especially location-based apps like Grindr, is that it seems like a gentrification of cruising.Bulgaria is a very wired country: the internet is available everywhere.

And he said that one of the difficulties in getting an LGBT rights movement started in Bulgaria—which really kicked into high gear after Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007—was that they didn’t have the linguistic resources for articulating these arguments in Bulgarian.

People who were doing that kind of advocacy had to have studied in Western Europe or to have access to those languages.

And so, the process of advocating for queer rights in Bulgaria is also a process of translation.

But even the conversations I had with my very privileged students in Sofia were dispiriting, because there’s such a sense of impossibility about things that queer people in the West take for granted: about the possibility of having a visible life, about the possibility of coming out to your parents and your friends.

As for the kid in the village, he went to university in the West.

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