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Alex Benzer noticed how difficult it was for the bright, beautiful people all around him to find, meet and attract meaningful love relationships.After getting his Bachelors degree from Harvard, studying Eastern wisdom and getting a Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge, and also getting his medical doctorate from UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. I’m your host, Chip August, and today on the show we are going to be talking about the Tao of dating. I read your book, I always like things which mix the spiritual with the practical.It reads like you’re talking about real people, and some of the basic principles that make for a happier experience dating. Alex Benzer: Thank you, I really appreciate that ‘cause that’s, that was one of the efforts of the book, which was to bring all the stuff, the masi meseoteric and the strange and out there, and make it really useable.It’s like, you know, this is not some high fluitent stuff that is inaccessible, this is right here right now, and you can just read this and start doing it immediately.And the third one is the yin yang clarity, the kind of, the clarity between the masculine and the feminine, which is not the same as man and woman.Masculine and feminine are two different kinds of energy, like positive and negative charge, and there’s a complementarity there and there’s a dance there, and when you know about the dance and you respect the dance and you observe the dance and you flow with it, then that’s bound to bring you more fulfillment. Know that, you know, as he’s sitting there in the car driving you around, he can get you to the destination, and voice that trust. And give him your bond, so, you know, make your word your bond, make, whatever you say do, and that guys will absolutely adore you for because it seems to be so much rarer these days than it used to be. Again, the more, when you see something in him that you really like, then focus your energy on that, focus your attention on that, and he will grow in that and say, “Oh my god, you know, you got us here safe and sound, you knew exactly where to go.

But Alex Benzer ’93, author of “The Tao of Dating for Men” and “The Tao of Dating for Women”, just wants to help you find “the middle path.” FM chatted with Benzer about dating, dropping the H-bomb, and picking up the phone for Mom mid-makeout. Fifteen Minutes: What compelled you to write your books and articles about dating?He’s also the author of The Tao of Dating: The Thinking Man’s Enlightened Guide to Success With Women. So that was kind of the first step, and that got me moving to write the book, but it didn’t get me to finish the book.He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard, and he’s got an MD degree from the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine, and also I notice a Master’s of Philosophy from Cambridge University. What got me to finish the book was actually a dinner I had with two of my old classmates from college, and we sat down and we were eating and one of them, they’d both been divorced, one of them was dating a guy, and this guy that she was dating, it, you know, she was supporting him, he was a starving artist type, and at the same time he was kind of being emotionally abusive, so it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. ” And later on it came to light that he was actually beating her up, and that just absolutely broke my heart, and I thought, you know, if the, if this book can help one amazing woman like this friend of mine, kind of gather up her power again and really go after what she wants and what makes her happy, ‘cause she deserves the best…So this is for all the women out there who are like my friend that was actually featured in the introduction, and yeah, giving them a way to get back their power and really get the fulfillment that they deserve in their love lives.Chip August: Now I notice you wrote one book for men and you wrote one book for women. Alex Benzer: Yeah, the book for men I finished in about three months.He’s a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and has consulted with fortune 100 companies. I mean she’s just an amazing, amazing woman, she’s was smart, she’s sweet, she’s beautiful, she’s kind, and, you know, she just wasn’t being treated right.He writes for huffingtonpost.com, and he maintains his own hypnotherapy practice in the L. So that was kind of the motivation that got me to finish the book.But we’ll come back to that, we’ll come back to that in a little bit. Alex Benzer: Maybe just on Wednesday’s, but, you know, the rest of the time…Chip August: I am curious though a little bit here, so all of your background, tell me about this, your own background in the Tao, in Taoism and, you know, like, what’s, what brought you to bring Taoism to dating, you know? ” And finally, you know, my senior year I bought it and I read it in college, I was like, “This is really cool.” And, and then in med school I got the Tao of Edging, I read that, and since then I read it hundreds upon hundreds of times and, you know, probably has it permeating every, every fiber in my, in my muscles, and I just always found the philosophy very empowering, and yet, at the same not doctrinare, not imposing in any way.It’s just like look, this is the way the world works; you can go, flow with it in which case you’ll probably be happy, you can try to struggle against it in which case you probably won’t be happy.I mean, your average guy probably isn’t wondering how to embrace his inner goddess…Chip August: I don’t know.You know, I don’t want to jump ahead, but when you were talking about yin and yang, I definitely noticed, I might, I might be trying to embrace my inner goddess, so… I used to work in a bookstore when I was a kid in high school, and I always saw this book called The Tao of Pooh, and I always wondered, “What the hell is it all about?

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