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Not permitted to pay overtime to other assistant even though they are saving money not paying an additional full time ASM salary.Manager has been working 15 hour shifts with NO days off and NO recourse.I was told this is store policy but there are no visible signs stating this nor are there any secure locations to “leave” my backpack which is securely zipped and on my back I will no longer be a customer and I will inform family and friends not to shop there either.

Reply I called customer service and had the info they needed to speak with someone on hold for 29 minutes before I got annoyed again I’m done with your business shape up I’ve read the complaint list I used to like shopping at family dollar I am taking my business elsewhere like your rude employee asked me to so disappointed with your business Reply I have been a 10 year customer at store #1599 in Dubuque Iowa at 2013 central I am no longer going to shop at your business any longer the new management that you hired are rude and unprofessional I have been told that it’s family dollar policy by the manager there to leave my backpack sitting at the front of the store unsecured on the floor, I have been followed through the door by another female employee yelling at me to leave it at the door.As I was attempting to hand him the money to purchase my items he walked away from the register to help this other customer who entered the store after he scanned my items.This other customer was already been helped by another employee when he walked away from helping me while I was holding the money out for him to take.In the last few months someone hired a new manager that does nothing but complains about everything to anybody.She also takes her breaks (smoke breaks) right outside the main door and the parking lot is trashy.WHEN THERE IS NO STAFF YOU CANNOT TAKE OFF so needless to say that was not approved and lost. This place is a real sweatshop that would benefit greatly from a UNION.Reply I was happy when Bellevue, Idaho got a family dollar store.All this relying on one person to run your store is insane and extremely poor business practice. If it wasn’t for the customers…..nobody would notice. and employees were notified to use vacation time earned or they will lose it.Then they made a blackout period leaving about 6 weeks to use time.Spends hours on hold to speak to HR department and no one ever answers. District managers are of no help or recourse to managers.They schedule conference calls during truck deliveries.

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