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Growing methods can also result in considerable variations in the quantity of the active substances present.

Extracts can be made in warm water over a period of 2-6 hours, or in hot water over a shorter period.Since at least the 1960s, a considerable amount of scientific research has been and is being conducted (especially in Japan and China) into the anti-cancer substances found in these six mushrooms.Medicinal mushrooms are available commercially as dried powdered whole mushroom, as dried extract, or as liquid extract.Having reviewed the literature (often in confusion!), I suspect that extracts using both water and alcohol are probably best.Occasional side effects seem to be restricted to diarrhoea and bloating, which generally goes away after a few days.Allergic responses affecting the skin, nose, throat, or lungs have also been reported by some people.However, full details of the mushroom species used and the method of preparation are not disclosed by the producers, and most of their claims relate to the properties of medicinal mushrooms in general, rather than AHCC in particular.Other proprietary mushroom compounds, including grifolan (from maitake), schizophyllan (from Schizophyllum commune) and SSG (from Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), are available in Japan, where lentinan and schizophyllan have been approved as anti-cancer drugs.Which extraction method is best is currently difficult to determine, especially in the absence of data from laboratory trials.The best method of extraction may even vary from one mushroom to another.

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