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A typical bill will show an extremely high number, which would have been the bottom line if no rate plan was applied.

For example, If a rate plan allows for ¥4000 worth of included calls, and the customer actually used ¥10,000 worth of calls, ¥10,000 would be displayed, ¥4000 would be subtracted resulting in ¥6000 plus the basic fee for the rate plan.

(Japan now has cross carrier SMS.) Billing Unlike the US but similar to many locations in Europe, incoming calls are billed to the caller, who pays for the network time of both parties.

Unofficially, everyone is expected to follow the guidelines and, to date, everyone has.It appears that corporate has the attitude that the shop staff are lucky to have been graciously provided with a job and are treated accordingly.Other relevant articles are: Trying to get an unlocked phone working on Docomo is a waste of time Japanese MVNOs to the rescue with reasonably priced data plans Data speed comparison between Docomo and Softbank Docomo access point names (APN) Real world test of B-mobile Fair SIM Docomo Xi LTE plans for fiscal year 2011 Unlockable and tetherable: Docomo summer 2011 lineup Comparison of all b-mobile SIMs Softank Ala Carte SIMs for unlocked phones This is meant as a service to the foreign community and is provided with no warranty, guarantee, or anything of the sort.Last updated: 7/11/2011 (This is still a good source of information, but please follows the below list of link to keep up with current developments.As I imagined, it is a bit difficult to keep this page 100% up to date.), that may or may not be compatible with Android (whatever that means), is expected to be available around the end of 2011, and will be offered to overseas makers.[This literally has FAIL written all over it - IMHO handset makers should stick to making the hard and leave the development of the soft to others.2008 changes to billing Up until around 2008, the "1 yen keitai" was quite common in Japan.Problem was that the marketing was misleading because the real price of the phone was paid in jacked-up monthly service fees.(Most phones include a "PC site viewer application, often Mobile Opera, but packets used viewing the real internet are not subject to unlimited data discounts and are bill at the full rate).However, the i Phone and some Android handsets lack many popular features, such as infrared, one-seg TV tuners, and RFID-based payment systems for train fares, etc.

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