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This provides additional incentive for viewers to donate money which, in-turn, keeps the broadcasters coming back, fueling a new live-stream eco-system, with revenue split between the app store, the broadcaster and the platform.And while the practice of gift-giving is more engrained in Chinese culture than it is in the west, more platforms have been looking to integrate such tools.Payments are currently available on Android (but not i OS), and are facilitated through a connected credit card.So how much will it cost you to have your comment pinned?With Super Chat, You Tuber's will be able to amplify written messages, which is great for fans as intended, but it also gives trolls the opportunity to get more attention for their negative comments.On the other platforms mentioned, they've eliminated this as an issue by only allowing you to fund emoji or make payments without attaching a message to them.So while it's You Tube who've taken the first step here, it likely won't be long before we see similar in Facebook Live - and now that it's been released by You Tube, and Facebook wants to have everyone broadcasting on their platform, you can bet they'll be looking to accelerate their plans on this front and release such a tool soon.There is a question, however, around how You Tube is using the option in difference to other providers.

This means users can broadcast their gameplay to their Facebook Page or profile via Messenger.

You Tube says that broadcasters can use the existing moderation tools to blacklist certain words or ban users, but given recent criticism of Facebook over the content they are broadcasting on Live - including just today, reports of a young girl committing suicide on a stream - they'll likely want to avoid any further potential controversies, which could see them opt for an emoji funding model, as opposed to amping up comments.

But either way, this could be a new way forward for live-streaming, a way to boost quality broadcasters, helping to amplify their voices and lifting the overall quality of the content on offer.

When you do this, there's also a timer added to your comment which shows how long your comment will remain pinned at the top of the chat.

You use the slider to allocate how much you want to spend on your comment, post, and there it is.

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