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That was the first electronic contact between the two.

Though her profile indicated she was a minor, he perused her photos and then initiated a conversation.“It said on there that the gal was 14 but I had been looking on these sites for months, and I was finding out that women, as well as men, didn’t tell the truth about anything,” Tom said.

The department used a software program to alter the appearance of what began as photos of an actual person.“The crimes are ones which involve a clear, independent intent to sexually prey upon children,” Haroldson said, emphasizing that the idea of sexual contact is never initially brought up by the detective.

But, first, here’s what you need to understand about entrapment: Leaving an expensive car unlocked and then arresting a car thief is not, by legal definition, entrapment.

Critics also have raised questions of entrapment and have questioned a law that allows people to be arrested on a felony solely for things they say in a chat room.

Rehnberg has been with the Corvallis Police Department for 13 years, and a detective for the past four years focusing on person-on-person offenses such as child abuse and sex crimes.

He had been messaging someone through a dating website and planned to meet her in person in Corvallis.

She posed online as a 14-year-old girl, but in real life, “she” was Corvallis Police Detective Bryan Rehnberg.

Last May, a photo from the undercover account popped up on his screen to indicate that “she” had looked at his profile, he said.He followed up with, “This probably isn’t the best site for us to be talking on, any suggestions?”All six defendants are facing or have been convicted of online sexual corruption of a child.The Newport Police Department arrested that man at his home because Rehnberg was afraid that the suspect would leave the state before being apprehended.According to the police report, the defendant in that case immediately launched into sexually explicit conversations online, sent nude photos of himself and spoke about a dozen times of ways he could meet up with the girl, such as wiring her money for bus fare and making it look like she ran away.“Initial conversation is introduced by the suspect, sexual conversation is introduced by the suspect and a meeting is introduced by the suspect.That is not introduced by me — never.”The undercover accounts feature innocent photos of a smiling, young-looking female — who, by the way, is not real.“When you see things like that online, it makes you wonder, is that person being who they are or are they role playing?”Six days after Tom contacted the undercover account, the website removed the account because users are required to be 18.And neither is opening a decoy account of an underage girl on a website and waiting to be approached by sexual predators.In 2006, for example, a California judge threw out a case against Joseph Roisman, who was arrested in an online predator sting.

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