For students who..

want to learn to communicate effectively in English.

You will make fast progress in…

  • Everyday English
  • Fluency
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary & grammar
  • Listening, reading & writing skills

Program details

The General English program focuses on improving your all-round English and in particular your communication skills. Our focus is on students interacting and communicating with each other and getting you to practice and use the language you learn to make you more confident with English. To help you interact and communicate, our excellent teachers will give you the language you need as well as give you guidance and feedback.

Our thoroughly researched syllabus, up to date teaching materials, and excellent teaching methods ensures all students will make fast progress. Our coursebooks are based on the latest research into English as it is really used in everyday situations. They have a digital component so each week you will be watching videos connected with the topic, vocabulary and grammar.

Course Types

Intensive General English
In our Intensive course, your choice of afternoon Special Focus Modules will allow you to focus on areas of specific need such as oral communication skills or English for work.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red
General English Special Focus Modules English Extras

Semi-Intensive General English
This part-time course is ideal for students who want to combine study and sightseeing. Not available to student visa holders.

15hrsGeneral English


Premium English
This Premium course combines group study with one-to-one lessons, which will allow you to focus on even more specific areas of needs as well as make faster progress.

15hrs 5hrs-red 5hrs-red General English One to one Lesson English Extras



6 levels of General English classes from elementary to advanced mean that you will always be in class with students at your level.
Each level usually takes 12 weeks to complete

  • Elementary You have very basic English for survival in everyday situations.
  • Pre-Intermediate With basic English you can communicate in many everyday social and travel situations. You need to develop your knowledge of basic grammatical structures and vocabulary.
  • Intermediate You can communicate in a range of social and travel and limited work situations. Although you may not be accurate you are familiar with most basic grammatical structures.
  • Upper-Intermediate You can communicate effectively in most social and travel and some work situations. You can use all basic grammatical structures and some more complex. Your range of vocabulary is sufficient to express yourself clearly.
  • Advanced You can communicate easily and effectively in most social and travel and many work situations. You use a wide range of vocabulary appropriately and are familiar with complex grammatical structures.
  • Proficient You can communicate fluently in social, travel and work situations. You have a good operational command of English using an extensive range of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures effectively.

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