Outlook imap inbox not updating symantec endpoint not updating virus definitions

It just does not work if I select "or Exchange Activesync compatible service" POP would not be an acceptable solution as I would not have calendar and only unread messages from the account show up in the inbox Have you tried letting Outlook find it via autodiscovery?

When you set up the first Outlook Exchange account, id you do it manually or let it find it automatically?

I have a customer with 2 Exchange accounts with different email domains and different usernames and passwords.

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You can see the status of the process updating at the top of Indexing Options window. See I installed the Office 2010 RTM on my personal workstation. Like why my spam filter is marking legitimate email as spam (you know little things like that). Or at least not where it used to be, or where you’d think it should be.10 minutes later, I find my self wanting to fly to Redmond to beat the tar out of that guy. You’ll notice in this screen shot: That I have a button for showing the “Message Options” (Header information) in the “Quick Access Toolbar” (wasn’t easy to get it there).I want to delete all my Outlook accounts, remove all configurations and everything and start afresh. But, it doesn't let me remove my last account saying something about data files and all. I'm using Outlook 2013 I only know all this because I had a nasty problem where Outlook started downloading messages over POP3 and then deleting them.Deleting all profiles, PST files, and uninstalling/reinstalling did not solve the problem.It would be easier to help you if you could provide more detailed information as there is no pat answer that covers everything.The Exchange email accounts are on an on-premises Exchange server.In other words do you have autodiscovery set up in the DNS zones for the two email domains?Try this as well: create a new profile and set up the second email account that won't work in your scenario FIRST.If it is truly a single Exchange email account with two alias email addresses, and you want to set up the second one for a send from address, your logon will have to be for the actual account, not the alias.It also depends on how you connect to the hosting Exchange server.

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