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Obviously, the era is 1946 but in the second, third, fourth, fifth season—if it goes onto that—we can explore different time periods. And he said that if he was going to be involved, he wanted me to be involved, too." Lennertz combined all the different style elements of the show in the music, such as mixing jazz and period elements, with orchestra and electronic elements.We can explore the late forties, the early fifties, the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, up until present day, so it's very exciting because of that." However, Butters clarified that future seasons would likely stay in the same time period, possibly changing location to a place like Hollywood or Europe, to remain in a pre-S. Lennertz said, the music is "always done from a sense of being sort of in control and savvy and clever, rather than just being strong or just having a superpower or sort of being so much further along than anybody else physically. D." Maureen Ryan of Variety blamed both seasons' low viewership on "the questionable scheduling decisions" made by then ABC president Paul Lee, saying that the series "has received lackluster promotion, especially [for its second season].[The location is] all going to be determined by what story we want to tell. I loved how it looked, I loved how it looked on Peggy. Carter file, was "very much tied to a third season arc", with the shooter and their reason for taking the file already determined. An office, basically full of people who just came back from the war.Atwell added that the third season would have gone "further back into [Carter's] past” while having "a possible kind of twist... There's no telling what any of them experienced last year. Atwell, who portrayed Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the Agent Carter short film, expressed interest in returning as the character in October 2013, The costume designer for the series is Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, who felt comfortable with the series' period setting after spending months researching American styles in the 1940s for the 2013 television series Mob City.Fazekas called this "such a nice change" from previous television experience, with the group feeling free to drop whole story ideas in favor of focusing on the series' central storyline. Gabriel Beristain, cinematographer for the One-Shot and the first season of the series, used a combination of modern digital technology and traditional analog techniques to replicate the feel of classic films that are set in the 1940s, but to also have the convenience and consistency of modern technology, such as using the Arri Alexa digital camera, along with Leica Lenses and silk-stocking diffusion nets.

The second season scored an 81% approval rating with an average score of 7.9/10 based on 16 reviews.[Now] we have an opportunity, if the show does go into second and third and fourth and fifth [seasons], we know that we can explore all of these aspects of her character because we know she lives such a long life and she's had a fulfilled life. Duggal worked closest with ILM, who coordinated with Base and DNeg to ensure a "seamless workflow".I think what's going to start happening in Season 1 is seeds are going to be planted as to what happens in her personal life—and yet it's still open to the possibility of new men coming into her life, deepening relationships with the men that we discover in Season 1. The majority of the series' visual effects work focuses on set extensions to depict the period setting, as well as the more fantastical aspects such as Howard Stark's inventions, In June 2014, Christopher Lennertz, who composed the music for the Agent Carter One-Shot, talked about potentially working on the series, saying, D'Esposito "told me last summer at Comic-Con that there was a possibility this was going to become a series.The series introduces the origins of several characters and storylines from MCU films, while other characters from the films also appear. Carter is assisted by Stark's butler, Edwin Jarvis, to find those responsible and dispose of the weapons. I doubt that there's a Netflix play for it." She also added that ABC wanted some sort of conclusion to the series, and so the writers and producers would find a way to conclude the lingering plot threads in some form if the series was not renewed.The first season, consisting of eight episodes, originally aired from January 6 to February 24, 2015, while the second season, consisting of 10 episodes, originally aired from January 19 to March 1, 2016. In the second season, Carter moves from New York City to Los Angeles to deal with the threats of the new Atomic Age by the Secret Empire in the aftermath of World War II, gaining new friends, a new home, and a potential new love interest. Atwell added that she was also not part of the conversation to cancel the series and called it "a network political thing" since ABC wanted Atwell to headline the more "mainstream" drama Conviction "to get their ratings up" instead of staying on Agent Carter, which Atwell felt had gained a "cult following".Ryan also felt Marvel "could copy what CBS is doing with Star Trek" by creating a subscription service for a monthly fee, where consumers could access Marvel's films and televisions shows "as well as premium exclusives like a third season of Agent Carter". D.", and added that despite making "leaps and bounds for women in the MCU, the same [could not] be said for people of color," wishing the series had addressed Asian American women like Hazel Ying Lee, one of 38 Women Airforce Service Pilots who died in the line of duty, or Black women like Harriet Ida Pikens and Frances Wills, the first two Black members of the United States Naval Reserve.Ryan concluded, "A third Agent Carter season could help solidify Marvel's standing not just with female fans, but with everyone who appreciates excellent and adventurous storytelling." When the series was canceled shortly after the release of Captain America: Civil War, in which Carter dies, Meagan Damore of Comic Book Resources felt that "for all intents and purposes" Carter had "effectively been phased out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe", and the universe had subsequently lost "a wonderful role model and...inspiration" to fans of the character and series. In March 2015, Butters stated that there had been discussions about creating a podcast with Thrilling Adventure Hour co-creator and writer Ben Blacker, centered around the fictional Captain America Adventure Program radio show that is depicted during the series' first season.These days, entertainment properties have to be viewed not just through the lens of their ratings (admittedly weak for Agent Carter).They have to be evaluated within the context of the overall value they bring to any entertainment colossus, and what Agent Carter adds to Disney-ABC is simply too valuable to give up...[bringing] something different to the company's superhero portfolio." She suggested if ABC did not renew the series for broadcast, that it should explore other opportunities, such as debuting on its online Watch ABC app, or being sold to Netflix, where "fans of super-heroic storytelling already flock to" and Agent Carters "status as a period piece—which may have harmed it on broadcast—could be a real draw for Netflix viewers".Development on a series inspired by the Agent Carter short film had begun by September 2013, with Atwell's involvement confirmed in January 2014. Despite a positive critical response, viewership fell steadily, and on May 12, 2016, ABC canceled Agent Carter.That May, ABC bypassed a pilot, ordering the show straight to series, with James D'Arcy, Chad Michael Murray, and Enver Gjokaj starring alongside Atwell; they are joined by Shea Whigham for the first season. The first season takes place in 1946, with Peggy Carter having to balance the routine office work she does for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) in New York City with secretly assisting Howard Stark, who finds himself framed for supplying deadly weapons to enemies of the United States. In March 2016, Fazekas noted that the producers felt "bad" about the chances for a third season due to the series' low viewership, adding she "would love to see it live on, even if it's in some other form, digital or whatever.

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