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"If you keep dating people from a particular racial or religious group, you’ve got a type."If you have one and it's going well for you, no problem, she says.

"Types are fine if you’re happy and healthy, but if you keep winding up in unhappy situations, dating outside your type is an excellent way to expand your dating pool and your experiences," Masini says. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?

Here are nine different takes on dating your type, including reasons you should consider dating outside your usual box."I do not believe we have a type," zen psychotherapist Michele Paiva tells Bustle.

She takes it straight to science to explain why that is: "In evolutionary psychology, all research points to [the fact that] we actually seek out someone who will boost our immune system and help us to create offspring, even if we don't want to have children," she says.

For example, if you're an artist and you know you'll do best with similar people, more power to you.

"Girls who know they want to date someone creative in order to better complement their personality would be considered to have a 'type' — they like creative" people, says Rogers.

"For instance, if you keep dating married men, you’ve got a type — married men." Let's all hope that is not your type, for your heart's sake.

"If you keep dating wealthy men who are conservative, you’ve got a type." Definitely not my type.

Ultimately, he concluded that his type is a “lipstick tomboy." Good to know!She defines "type" as the pattern you've typically followed in your dating history."Your type is the similar pattern in your dating behavior," she says."I encourage my clients to get crystal-clear on their values and focus on how the man makes her feel and treats her," she says."In this way, expanding outside of her type allows for the relationship she desires to reveal itself sooner." So if you're set on a type, let it go — you'll have a better shot at finding someone actually worth your time."People do tend to have types, especially if they live in homogenous communities," New York–based relationship expert and author April Masini tells Bustle."But that's because it is a value oriented specification — not a preference in eye color."Perhaps that's the problem — "type" is a somewhat antiquated term, and it usually refers to someone's visual or professional preferences. "Ask yourself, 'How has going after my type worked so far?"'Type' is for what kind of movie star you’re attracted to," Tina B. Romance, psychotherapist and author of Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences , tells Bustle. ' If the answer is not so good, then start thinking outside the box." If you always wind up dating actors, try to just give someone a chance without asking what they do."Try entertaining the thought of dating a person who isn’t your type, per se, but who actually seems like an interesting, kind, fun, successful human being," Sansone-Braff suggests.So perhaps once you identify your usual type, you can work on breaking through and trying to date other sorts of people."Yes, I believe people should have a type, but it shouldn't include physical appearance or hobbies," life coach Kali Rogers tells Bustle."Types should focus on personality aspects and values." So as far as Rogers is concerned, there is nothing wrong with having a type — it just needs to be deep. I asked nine relationship experts to talk about dating your type, and though they all had different takes, it seems as though type-based dating is a bad idea, especially if you have been unlucky in love in the past.First off, if you're dating one particular type over and over and things aren't going well, it might be because you've fallen into a type trap. Fox recently told Khloé Kardashian on her talk show, Kocktails With Khloé, "the biggest problem I've probably had is that I dated body parts for way too long." Sounds like she has a type!

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