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A merchant vessel is broken out to the kelson, thoroughly cleaned and ventilated every time she enters port, while this cannot be perfectly done in our public ships, until the termination of her cruize of three years.

Our ships of war in this respect labour under many disadvantages.

(From the Author.) On the Inhalation of the Vapour of Ether in Surgical Operations: containing a Description of the various stages of Etherization, and a statement of the result of nearly eighty operations in which ether has been employed, in St. Spanaemia or poverty of the blood, in which the amount of fibrin and of [• These observations are further confirmed by the recent analyses of scorbutic blood by MM. Liebig observes : " As far as our researches have gone, it may be laid down as a law, founded on experience, that vegetables produce in their organism, compounds of protein, and that out of these compounds of pro- tein, the various tissues and parts of the animal body are developed by the vital force, with the aid of the oxygen of the atmosphere, and of the ele- ments of water." Highly proteinized vegetables are the principal food of herbivorous ani- mals, and in proportion as the plants contain this ingredient, are they nutritious.

An op- posite condition of the blood obtains in scurvy. Protein is the basis of albumen, fibrin, casein, and these are the comi- mencement or starting points of all the tissues, and this, the basis of the three aforesaid animal principles, may be obtained from similar elements in the vegetable kingdom.

Descripción: Compendio de todos los aviones en uso o en desarrollo durante 1938.

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On the occasion of our visit, cases of scorbutus were under treatment, and among them were two terminating in dry gangrene of the lower extremi- ties, analogous cases to that of Curtis, detailed above. - - 849-9 835-9 84H-2 788-8 Solid constituents - 1501 1041 153-8 211-2 Fibrin - . In the blood taken from these scorbutic patients, the separation into serum and clot was as perfect, and took place as rapidly, as in healthy blood. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848, by LEA & BLANCHARD, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In the vast number of cases which came under our immediate notice, there were but few that exhibited symptoms of disease in the digestive organs. To the general received opinion, that the primary cause of the disease is in a deranged condition of the chylopoietic function, we cannc Jt concur. Being the Essay to which the Jacksonian prize for the year 1844, was awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Vegetable fibrin and animal fibrin, vegetable albumen and animal albumen, hardly differ even in form ; if these principles are wanting in the food, the nutrition of the animal is arrested." — (Liebig.) This was the case with the seamen who suffered from scurvy in the fleet, during the past summer. The following works have been received: Treatise on the Structure, Diseases, and Injuries of the Bl ood- Vessels : with Statistical Deductions. "Those vegetable principles, which, in animals, are used to form blood, contain the chief constituents of blood, fibrin and albumen ready formed, as far as regards their composition; all plants besides contain a certain quantity of iron, which reappears in the colouring matter of the blood. (From the Author.) Account of a new Anaesthetic Agent, as a substitute for Sulphuric Ether in Sur- gery and Midwifery. Almost every government of Europe, we learned, was among its contributors, even those without a marine, while the United States, the citizens of which are con- stantly receiving its benefits, does not contribute towards its support. 5-9 3-3 Albumen - - - - 840 70-6 74-2 07-2 Blood corpuscles - 87-8 72-3 60-7 133-7 Salts 9-7 11-5 10-9 6-8 "These analyses are sufficient to disprove the general notion that in this disease the corpuscles are dissolved in the serum. During a visit on board, several years since, we found a number of American seamen comfortably provided for. It is to be hoped that in furnishing supplies, this will be attended to by the inspecting officers. to the quality of the salt used in the curing of the meats; a subject to which no attention has heretofore been directed, and the great importance of which must be obvious to all. To this unimpaired condition of the digestive organs, may be attributed the recover)' of many cases after our return to port, where, had there been any disease in those organs, all hopes of restoration would have been fruit- less. — The mild cases of the disease which first presented, were 56 Foltz's Report on Scorbutus. The rheumatism with which the disease was at its first appearance frequently associated, received the usual treatment, with but little or no alleviation, except from the severe nocturnal pains which were frequently soothed by morphia and opium, and the acidulated drinks and fruits. In the worst cases, the digestive and assimilative organs retained their vigour and activity, after the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems were prostrate. The citric and tartaric acids were ordered for this purpose, and the small quantities of fruits which were occasionally procured from shore, were distributed among the patients, and always with benefit.

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