Mandating vaccines in schools

Depending on your child’s school and state policies, your son or daughter may not be able to attend their first day of class until they’re fully vaccinated.In an attempt to reduce common illnesses and eliminate potentially fatal or harmful diseases, medical leaders have created mandates that command all kids to be vaccinated.Aligning with this early treatment method, most public schools demand that all children are vaccinated for common child-related sicknesses, including vaccines to prevent illnesses such as: In addition to a wide spectrum of other potential preventative vaccines, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) asserts that immunization regulations must be enforced to protect all children in society.Ultimately, with the support of vaccinations, medical leaders, along with CDCP, believe that optimal immunization against illnesses is the best way to prevent a widespread breakout of common contagious diseases.Keep reading to learn more about the charter school debate and what you should know as a parent.But what if you found out that mandatory vaccination in schools won’t achieve this goal?Over half the cases were in adults, many of whom were already vaccinated. Whooping cough, a disease that DOES spread through schools, won’t be changed by these laws because the vaccine simply doesn’t work that way. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA have both published new research that proves the vaccine only reduces symptoms for the individual; it won’t keep it from spreading to others.

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Last year, California passed a law that mandates 37 doses of 10 vaccines for all children entering kindergarten (and 29 doses for daycare entry).

As AJC Research explains, “Children who have obtained legal exemptions from shots based on medical or religious reasons, as well as children who lack vaccinations or required forms but are within a legally allowed waiver period” are permitted to be excused from mandatory vaccinations prior to attending school.

While this provides some children and families with more medical freedoms, many opposed to anti-immunization beliefs assert that the unprotected children are at a serious risk for an array of potential dangers.

Pharmaceutical companies are lobbying to push this type of legislation in every state to make all doses of vaccines mandatory.

Our elected officials receive money from these companies to pass laws which promote or mandate medical treatments and products.

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