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I also do not like this storyline because it almost is taking Ziggler out of the chase for the World Championship.

As you know, he holds the blue-brand Money in the Bank briefcase and has yet to cash it in, despite several botched attempts and a tease at Hell in a Cell.

The romance storyline between John Cena and AJ Lee has not gotten completely off the ground, and I am sick of it already.

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CM Punk and AJ Lee are now dating, according to Mexican wrestling legend and former WCW Superstar Konnan.

Then, for good measure, another woman came into the picture and later claimed Styles got her pregnant.

That story arc was launched by two of Styles’ former running mates.

Konnan learned of this tidbit from his source within the sports-entertainment organization.

While addressing WWE happenings on the podcast, he stated, "I would also like to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, I don't know if that's public knowledge." Punk had been romantically linked to former WWE talent Amy "Lita" Dumas as recently as last spring.

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