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When I go out with an older man they’ve often never even seen what an oven looks like.

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Some people don’t like their partners overshadowing them, so that is a downfall, but I actually it’s the other way round as I think it’s fantastic to be on the arm of a young, handsome man. There’s no harm in looking – they have to stop my eyes from looking!

There’s also the fact that they might not have their own home – or still live with their mum! Sometimes they think of you as the mother figure a bit – that can happen.

It’s not great if you get mistaken for their mum – thankfully that’s never happened to me.

Having fun is the most important thing in a relationship, there’s nothing more liberating. I will say, ‘Look, I can’t sit there while you’re on the Play Station 24-7, it’s not going to work!

Laughter and fun, and obviously lots of sex, is the key! ' You don’t want to be with a guy on his Play Station or riding his BMX bike all day – you’ve got to have a few common interests!

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