Pet names guys your dating

Studley– Obviously meant for the smokin’ hot boyfriend. Sweet-pear– If neither of you are a fan of sweet-peas, then go with sweetpear.

Smiley– If your boyfriend is all smiles all the time then this name is most definitely for him.

Slick– For someone who is smooth in not only their words, but also their actions.

Smoochie– It implies he is a good at giving you smooches.

We call it our psychic nickname creator -- unless you believe your name was just a random pick originally...

Alfalfa – Perfect for a guy who is as cute and full of character just like the Little Rascals character.. Candyman– The candyman always has something sweet to give. If your man gets crabby at times, but you find his grumpiness cute, this name is for him. Cookie Monster– Like the endearing sesame street character. Egghead– If your man is a bit absent minded sometimes. Mc Dreamy– Another sexy doctor off of Grey’s Anatomy. Moonbeam– Let your man know he totally reminds you of the beautiful night sky. Let him know he is yours and yours only with this cute pet name. Nasty– If he is nasty (in a good way) then this is for him. Punk– Let your man know you enjoy how edgy he is by calling him punk. Playmate– If your boy is someone you are constantly playing with and you love it. Raindrop– A simplistic nickname for someone who dropped like rain into your life.

Dragon Fly– A cute name for a freeflying kind of guy. Flamethrower– Similar to flame, but much more powerful. Goofy– Could be for a man who is just like the Disney character or just because he is a silly person. Hot Pants– For a boy with a persona that’s on fire. Ladies Man– If he can’t stop attracting female attention, especially yours.

Dearest– Close to dear and dearheart, but meaning he’s your dearest of all. Mc Muffin– Like we said, who in the heck doesn’t love a good, delicious muffin? Potter– For a fellow who loves or acts like Harry Potter.

Dork– For a man lives a little more on the nerdy side of things. Mack Daddy– Show him how much you love mackin’ on him with this pet name. Paddy– For someone who may have the luck of the Irish in them!

The Postman– Meant for a man who knows how to deliver, if you know what we mean. Warrior– Usually used on someone who is very strong and always stands by you.

Your majesty– Use this one if you believe he is your king and that you are his queen.

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