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But we were laughing and having a good time with it anyway.

Main street was basically deserted but from behind me and across the street I heard a man’s voice “do you need any help”.

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Realizing in that instant that I was sure to have not had a small town pleasant smile on my face I swallowed hard.Because obviously repeating myself a zillion times “don’t pee all over the seat”, “lift the lid when you go”, and “wipe the seat when you are done” has made no difference whatsoever.So I give in and I apologize to their future wives and daughters.What I really can’t stand though is sitting on a toilet seat covered in pee.You would sometimes think someone had a goal of missing the bowl all together!My “closet” was that we were living in an abusive home and I felt to stupid and embarrassed to tell anyone.I finally escaped that closet only to trade it for another.I named this category out of respect for Ash Beckham and her performance at Tedx Boulder.After listening to her monologue, four times in a row, I realized that although I had been living in my own closet.(I am proud of touching in a friendly, non-threatening way -- it may not seem like much but was a first for me, and I sensed she loved it! PUA: Well, the other day this girl comes up to me and says, "You must be gay", then she just walks off! I had the goal of transitioning today, so I just spat it out: PUA: Are you... She was around 18, quite small, walking with her UG friend down the street. Maybe if she was on her own I would have stopped her, but AA beat me, and as she passed I thought F*K. Then we just grew apart like walking on top of an erupting volcano on the moon Io of Jupiter, then flying off helplessly into the vacuum of space. ) PUA: Hi, you HB6Italianskirt turns around , smiling PUA: I've only got a minute, but... HB: So, what, this girl just walked up to you randomly and asked you if you were gay?

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  1. One of the most common situations women ask me about is what I call “Predictable Male Withdrawal.” I’ll take a second to explain exactly what this is and why it’s important…