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I began by saying that I wanted to clarify some of the things we’d talked about the last time. Friends, I’m not subtle, and I’m a flirt machine when I see somethin’ I like.Earlier this week, he and I were teasing each other, apart from a major difficulty I’ve been facing recently (my desire for power/control, facilitated by lust – which is directed at him [but i didn’t mention that bit]), and it led down some…rather spicy rabbit holes.I was caught off guard when he asked for details (again, I didn’t mention him in those details at that point), and he seemed intrigued by what I told him about various kinky fantasies I have, such as feeling an immensely pleasurable rush at the thought of choking someone [him]..although in retrospect he was probably searching for the reasons for the lust so we could work on resolving them.As with the rest of you ladies (and gents), I know this has been and continues to be an exercise in futility, and I would honestly be mortified to strip the Church of one of her priests (and an exceptional one at that), and yet, the selfish lasciviousness blazes on, and I can only look forward to the next time we have an uncomfortably awkward interaction. Thanks to some people who are not afraid of sharing, we can move on in our spiritual journey.To you dear readers to discuss (peacefully) our last romantic story on this blog.In the church there has been a very common one : creating a strong sense of guilt.Most people, even if they leave the church, deep down in their hearts there would remain a lurking sense of guilt.Most probably it is for the first time in the history of the church that the adults in faith are being treated as adults.They examine their own conscience, listen to God’s voice and decide!On the surface, our relationship overall has been reasonably normal.However, I’m “secretly” absolutely head over heels for him, and it’s not solely because he’s a priest as I’ve never crushed on any other clergy (I work for the parish, so I know/have known/have interacted with many.) In fact, he’s the only person I’ve truly been attracted to in over 7 years.

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