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To infringe claim 2, a competitor's chair would not only have to have at least one leg made of wood (the limitation stated in claim 2), but it would also need to have only two legs (the limitation imported by reference to claim 1).Dependent claims can be dependent on either an independent claim, or on another dependent claim.

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  1. I try to casually bring it up to see how the guy reacts because it’s like a built-in barometer to gauge his character. While I've never had anyone run away screaming, I can tell if it makes the person feel uncomfortable. It’s human nature to hide who we really are in some ways, especially those parts of us that make us feel insecure, because as soon as you reveal your insecurities, you feel vulnerable. But I think that the sooner you get to that vulnerable stuff, the sooner you figure out whether or not you are a good match, and whether or not the other person can be accepting of you.