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Nothing new has changed." WATCH: Mama June Shocks Sugar Bear With Her Weight Loss Transformation: 'Oh Sh**!

'Despite feeling like the same old Mama June at times, the reality star revealed that, for the most part, she feels "really good." Not only is she more confident, but she has more energy and is determined to keep the weight off for good."I will never go back to what I looked like," she said. "You have to exercise and you have to maintain [this lifestyle].

Think about it, if you see somebody in a disguise, wouldn't you say, 'Who the hell is up underneath there?

'" WATCH: Mama June Seen for the First Time Since Size 4 Reveal -- See the Pic!

Response rates were high women that worked out 3-4 times per week but dipped slightly for those that worked out every day.

For men, response rates rounded off if they worked out more than two times per week. Singles want to meet those athletically-inclined but not the gym-obsessed.

A lot of people think that when you have surgeries, that it's just -- nothing else has to be done. It is a live and learn thing."Mama June admitted that she does miss snacking from time to time, but the benefits of healthy eating are worth it."I've ran for the first time," she said, when asked if there's anything she's able to do now that she wasn't before. It was crazy." WATCH: Mama June Reveals Size 4 Transformation on 'From Not to Hot' -- See Her Amazing Makeover!

Mama June's trainer, Kenya Crooks, echoed those sentiments, telling ET that the biggest difference he's seen from her is her "attitude and swagger.""She has swag," he said. "Although she's psyched to go shopping and show off her new figure, there's still one thing Mama June's in no rush for -- finding a boyfriend!

"There's jerks and douchebags, and you never know who is gonna be here for you and everything.

"I mean, it was a nice house, but it's nothing like home.

When I got home Sunday night, I got to sleep in my own bed.

"Whatever, like, if you want to date me and you want to pursue me, then yeah, maybe."And the next man in her life won't have to worry about dealing with Sugar Bear.

According to Mama June, she is SO over him."When you get rid of trash, then you become a better person," she said. I just live every day and do what I got to do with the kids. Some days it's crazier and some days aren't."It's great to see Mama June moving forward, and it sounds like her kids are following her lead.

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