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In 1944 ownership of this property, which had grown into a large resort passed down to his sole remaining grandson Fletcher.While the resort had produced many postcards over the years, most notably by Detroit Publishing, Alfred Fletcher Smilley began publishing line block cards in halftone monotones under his own name.These cards were printed in chromolithography with dots in ruled lines, possibly from shading mediums. A publisher who largely produced postcards that revolving around theatrical themes.

Today they are primarily involved in office supplies.This in turn was sold to the Theodore Schmidt Lithographing Company in 1915.A large magazine publisher who also produced postcards as free inserts to encourage sales.A publisher of postcards depicting Chinese life in San Francisco. At the turn of the century many of the studio’s photographs began to be turned into black & white postcards printed as collotypes.Their Oriental Bazaar on California Street and Grant Avenue was the first pagoda style building in the city. His brother Frederick Albert Edward joined the business in 1878 but left for Burma in 1887 to open his own photo studio with H. In addition to their views of Ceylon they produced many images of India in the 1890’s.A satirical weekly magazine that was begun by Albert Langen.This publication held a large number of modern style illustrations that were noted for their strong visual presence as well as showing scenes from non-idealized everyday life.Some of these cards have irregular scalloped edges.. After the business was passed onto his daughters they began to published regional view-cards as well.Seibt was a large jobber for his firm Kretzschmar & Schatz but he also published Gruss aus and view-cards of Europe and Palestine under his own name. While it is made up of many very small dots, barely perceivable to the eye, it creates the slightly uneven look of flat woodblock printing. With the growing popularity of nearby Acadia National Park many images of its scenery were turned into postcards for tourists.As one of the major printers in the region they produced chromolithographed covers for sheet music, theater and circus posters, maps, and many trade cards especially for the meat packing industry.Shober left the company in the 1880’s and after Carqueville died in 1896 his sons took over the business renaming it the Carqueville Lithographing Company.

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