Seal the deal dating

There is now this whole new section of your life that previously didn’t exist and finding space and time for this comes with new challenges.

A lot of people find it difficult to keep on top of it all and end up losing sight of any potential romances, before they have time to properly blossom.

You go on a fantastic date, everything goes extremely well and you can’t wait to see them again, but suddenly, it’s been almost three weeks since the last rendezvous and he hasn’t texted you for almost a week.

Sometimes, while finding a new partner, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, particularly if you’ve been single for an extended amount of time.

There is nothing more intimidating for a potential date than speaking to somebody that looks completely uninterested.

Arms folded across body and looking down a lot are biological signs of boredom and or aggression.

Time to bombard them with texts and phone calls, right? Be sure to take your time when going into something new.

The first date is normally nerve wracking, and a lot of people may confuse the feelings of nervousness with the feelings of being in love.Most of the time this is not a concious decision made by either party, it is merely just, as they call it, ‘fizzling out’.An easy way to overcome this is to set a date and time for the next get together whilst still on the current date.The easiest way to conquer this is to let them know what it is you are looking for.This may seem like an old fashioned technique to give the game up straight away, but in this day in age it’s much easier in the long run. Although this may seem awkward at first, it’s a lot better to get it out of the way as soon as possible.By the end of it you will know if they are all out and up for an exciting ride, or if they prefer to stick to a quieter, more laid back environment.Often one of the most annoying things about dating, especially in modern times, is time wasting.You think the person you’ve been texting and hanging out with is definitely into you, and you’ve already planned what you will wear when you meet their parents, the all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they hit you with the “I’m not looking for a relationship” speech.While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be irritating if you’re not both on the same page from the beginning.It’s much easier to make plans together in person than it is once the working week begins and you are back focusing on your day to day life.Once the plans have already been made, any later plans will then be scheduled accordingly around your pre-planned arrangements.

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