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So Adrienne uses Kim’s comment about avoiding straining relationships to safeguard her sobriety to segueway the conversation back to what’s really important — the Maloof/Vanderpump beef.Then Petty Paul chimes in, speculating about how Lisa will respond to seeing him.What kind of car does Kyle decide to let her practice in? *bangs head on keyboard*Anyway, apparently Kyle couldn’t drive worth a darn when she was Alexa’s age either, so she lets her daughter off the hook with she fails magnificently at an attempt to parallel park.There is about three feet of space between the car and the curb.He appeared at the Edinburgh Festival, winning a Perrier Award, but there was no hint at the time that he would make such a successful transition to chat-show host or enjoy a career of such longevity.Critics claimed that, for all Lily’s popularity, O’Grady was a one-trick pony and that his suggestive humour would not endear him to a wider audience.David is not pleased with their tone-deaf slurring. I’ll introduce you but I don’t want anything to happen." Um … Anyway, it was love at first sight, or some such nonsense. Then David makes a joke about having slept with Lisa five years ago. Next on "RHOBH": Lisa and Adrienne meet up for lunch.

He once said: “I don’t want to be a bloody 90-year-old drag queen.

Kyle is quick to harp on Lisa for leaving Portia’s party early to avoid seeing Adrienne. Lisa basically flips her hair, sips her tea, and says she’s not interested in patching things up with Adrienne. Which leads us to the real meat of today’s episode: Yolanda and her husband, David, decide to have a dinner party at their Malibu home. Adrienne is anxious, because obviously this is her first time seeing Lisa in forevez.

Despite the other women’s sloppy behavior at Portia’s party, Kyle still insists it would’ve been better for Lisa to stay and hash it out, because you know, they would’ve controlled themselves. And if Adrienne really believed Lisa was some sort of story-selling traitor, then she doesn’t understand why Adrienne would want to pal around with her either. So they’re chatting about Kim’s sobriety, and Adrienne seems bored.

It was no surprise when the comedian who’d first burst to our attention with his Lily Savage drag act suffered a second heart attack four years ago.

There were some who feared we’d seen the last of the Merseysider.

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  1. I looked at him quizzically, and he said, "You need to change your pad before you go to bed — you could get TSS [toxic shock syndrome]." He proceeded to argue with me for a solid 10 minutes about whether or not I should change my pad.