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My late father Dr ahaneku was the managing director of ahaneku industry (Ltd) and he was the personal advicer to the former head of state before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood.

It was only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to a near by country Senegal where i am leaving now. Your likes and dislikes,your hobbies and what you are doing presently. Attached here is my pictures and I will like you send your picture to me in next mail.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

because my parents are not alive and that is why am sufering today and am pleading to you dear to get me VISA to your place and i will come dow n to your control with love,honesty and sincere heart then you can know me well and i believed you will be my happiest man in my life ok. your regards MISS MIRACLEFrom: [email protected]: PLEASE HONEY MY LOVE HELP ME - Dear Honey, good-morning and i wish to say this to you that i am sorry for not respondi ng in time to you due to the present muslim tabaski here in dakar so shops and cybers have had been closed for days now.

So you can see things the way it is because i really want you to UNDERSTAND ME ve ry well. so honey i saw your mail with the promise of helping me outand i really appreciate your love and carings towards me.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Dies muß wirklich eine Pest sein...... I am Gloria Atif, 24 years old Medical student and a virgin, my father of a blessed memory by name Late Mohamed Atif who was the deputy general manager with CNPC oil company at the Khartoum refinery in Sudan, was killed along side with my beloved mother and our family house burnt down by the rebels during the last crisis in my country when Janjaweed militias came to our house.

ist sogar hier auf der Seite aber aus "Bulgarien".... page=profile&aid=1285822 bei der Email finden wir schon mehr: User_uid_ I am now writing you from Dakar Senegal where i escaped through road, and now seeking asylum in the refugee camp here in Senegal.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money.

I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the traggic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place. So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you.

Please listen to this (please it's a secret,the only Person who knows about it is the Revrend ),i have my late father's certificate of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe, which he used my name as the next of kin the amount is $ 6.5 million (six million five hundred thousand U. I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Revrend because he is like a father to me.

i do like an open-minded-person without discremination at all.

honey am sorry for not re sponding in time to your last mail to i have been sick for some days now and i have not gone to hospital for medical check-up because i hav e no money with me to do that and even to eat when i want to eat exccept th e time of the GENERAL FOOD because of my refugee status which have been aff ecting me so much.

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