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Roll Bearing supports outside of fiames overcoming oil troubles. Manufacturing Engineers 73 Mill Street, Orange, Mass., U. g By referring to the list below it will be seen that the products sold are B made by leading manufacturers — concerns that have established reputa- B tions not only for the high class of products they make, but also for M their reliability and business integrity.

I The House of Westaway is always at the service of Canadian Mill- I men in need of Machines, Equipment or Supplies.

Adopted by many prominent mills throughout the country.

WASHEKS-Three standard types in seven lengths to meet varied mill requirements. EQUIPMENT FOR FABRIC IN THE STRING OR ROLL ONLY OTHER DEPARTMENTS WOOD ROLLS for all makes of machines WATER POWER EQUIPMENTS— From Dam to Tail race Including Water Wheels, Gates, Hoists and Screens WRITE FOR BOOKLETS Rodney Hunt Machine Co. 18 TEXTILE MACHINERY I The "House of Westaway" I --Canadian Agents-- 1 g The House of Westaway is a clearing-house for the sale of American B Textile Machines and Supplies in Canada.

Standard Textile Machinery ALL KINDS OF SPINDLES Winding Machinery Bobbin Spoolers Skein Winders Reels Automatic Banding Machines Southern Agent, J. There is a "SANISEP" System for every condition; they can be used in con- nection with sanitary plumbing and running water, or they can be used as an Outside Closet where running water is not available. Constant Daylight Units are an absolute necessity, in fact, they are needed in every department of your mill. NOEDRAY LOOMS 49 NEW NORDRAY AUTOMATIC LOOM The instant success of this simple and practical model has neces- sitated the immediate doubling of our plant and facilities. DANAHAR SOFTENER White, strictly unifonu, and with exceptional softening properties. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate the high quality of our coals. A test will show you why Rainbow and Pilot are backed by THE WORLD'S LARGEST RUBBER MANUFACTURER United States Rubber Company 23 YEARS MANUFACTURING CLOTH BOARDS w™' OF THREE KINDS ^^ CARLOAD LOTS A SPECIALTY PAPER Let us help you put your goods on the market in the best condition. 6, 1914 In the manufacture of this Silk Reel, we have endeavored to produce a reel that would carry the finest silk or other fabrics to market in perfect condition. Let Us Ship You an Order on Approval Our selling plan eliminates all middle profits, gives you factory prices and requires no payment until you are satisfied. And, being the lightest, it reflects the most light.

Over 30,000 'SANISEP" Outfits are now in use and a large proportion of these are installed in textile and other industrial villages. Specify Hyatt Roller Bearings for your Textile Ma- chinery. These defects, however, are corrected by the screen of the Constant Daylight Unit Where colors must be identified under artifi- cial light. Specializing in Artificial Daylight 1524 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. -,^,„^ .^r,^.^,^ EGYPTIAN TINT Producing identical shade of straight Egyptian Cotton ; runs absolutely uniform, and is in use by the leading con- cerns of the country. In time of need, coal in the yard is worth more than coal enroute. PILOT Friction Surface Belt For machines and motors where pulleys are Rainbow and Pilot Belts do away with troubles with stretch, slipping, fasteners, and shifters. The Chaffee Improved Patent Cloth Board must be seen to be appreciated Save their cost in freight Sample on request Quality Service Price This Illustrates the Original, Reliable and Up-To-Date Silk Reel or Cloth Board Patented April 23, 1901, Jan. tor years at a fraction of ihe^cost of doing work done by the antiquated brush method. PATNTS 67 ^illllllllllilllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllilllllill Nilllillllli^lllllllllllililll O^ I "Mill-Whitest" I It Makes a White Mark on Ordinary "Mill Whites" ^;: "Mill-Whitest" is whiter than ordinary "Mill- Whites" because its oil is the whitest and its pigment too.

Lambeth Rope Corporation Wi Ucox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co.

If repairs are needed, they can easily be made by removing the valve cap back of bowl. Louis "PENTECOR 5^ Designed especially for use in skylights for the purpose of distributing light and conducting condensation \ '/ \ i ■ ^ y PENTECOR "WIRE GLASS k PENTECOR GLASS WHEN you install "Wire Glass" look for the above label and be sure it is the Standard Fire Retardant No. Quality, strength and efficiency have been so thoroughly demon- strated and established that superiority is universally recognized. NEW YORK, CHICAGO, PITTSBURGH, SEATTLE, OMAHA, 39 Cortlandt St. Cleanliness of operation is another Hyatt advantage, as no oil can leak out and spoil the goods. HYATT BEARINGS FOR TEXTILE MACHINERY Artificial Daylight What Does it Mean to You? DRAPER 50 DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICALS GUM TRAGASOL For use in connection with the sizing and finishing of Cotton, Silk and Wool. Our range of coals makes it possible to supply one best suited for your plant. ASK YOUR BOX MAKER OR ASK US MATTHIAS & FREEMAN PAPER COMPANY PAPER and CARDBOARD 117 N. Increase Your Output Sanitize your factory, reduce lighting cost by 75%, increase output and human efficiency, and at the same time reduce fire hazard. Let us send you facts regarding the results secured by the Universal oystem extending over years of service. | I NEW YORK OFFICE Southern Representative | I 30 Church Street J. Copy of our latest bulletins of both types will be sent upon request. As illuminating engineers, we will be glad to have you consult with us on your lighting prob- lems. We can still take care of our regular line in changing over good, plain looms. COLORS Special products for direct dyeing of Cotton Goods, and the printing of Cotton, Silk and Wool. Soap, And every known material from every part of the world for Starching, Softening, Weighting and Finishing Yarn, Thread or any Fabric. NEW YORK BOSTON PHILADELPHIA Egyptian Gum for Sizing Cotton and Worsted Warps Turkey Red Oil Soluble Castor Oil Saponified Red Oil English Oleine Oil Soluble Wool Oil Cocoanut Oil Caustic Soda Soda Ash Sal Soda 56 DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICALS I Since l8y6 we have supplied dyestuffs to the I textile trade of the United States, I We Manufacture Complete Series % Direct Colors . BOX SHOCKS AND NAILED BOXES Chaffee Brothers Company WRITE FOR QUOTATIONS OXFORD, MASS. Write us now for complete details— your request will receive prompt attention — DO IT NOW. Send For a Free Sample of VOLTAX GLOSS, EGG-SHELL or FLAT, "Mill- Whitest". ^2 SPINDLE S— MACHINERY EASTON & BURNHAM MACHINE CO. No chemicals and no scavaging are required in "SANISEP" Systems. Our Constant Sunlight Unit has a color screen for General Illumination that contains the same excess of red and yellow above the North-Dayhght Unit that is contained in natural sunlight compared to natural north- daylight. We are doing the best we can to take care of orders thrust on us without solicitation. BLEACHERS' BLUE Producing a permanent blue-white tint on Bleached Goods, one not affected by heat, metals, climatic condi- tions or age. Importers and Manufacturers of Starc Kes, Gums, Dextrine, Alizarine Assistant Soluble Oil. Boards are made with smooth round edges and will not Warp or Split. Made one-half or one inch thick, smoothly covered edges, well rounded, of great strength and light weight. Storall STEEL CABINET The mosl practical, convenient and serviceable equipment, useful everywhere for storing everything. Certainly this is an unusual proposition and deserves your investigation. When a can of "Mill-Whitest" is allowed to stand alongside of a can of ordinary Mill White of any make until the oils come to the surface, the whiteness of the oil in "Mill- Whitest" will stand out against the yellow oil of the other. You will notice the white mark — and the white mark will stay. I BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT | iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^^ GS STEAM BOILERS |iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Rice's Mill White known as "Barreled Sunlight." Hickory and Ash Picker Sticks made from well sea- soned stock. Constant shutdowns for bearing adjust- ments and bearing replacements are thus eliminated. OPERATING POSITION riillillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ 62 COAL "Ceveco" New River "Thermos" Gas "Thermos" Splint "Thermos" By-Product "Thermos" Cannel Coals 0/ Quality will reduce your fuel bills and increase the efficiency of your power plant. AIR MOVING 63 THE BERRY WHEEL or Fan is Unrivaled for Moving Air For ventilating, cooling, and heating; removing steam, acid fumes, dirt, dust and smoke or anything that floats in the air. Special Siy.e 12" wide, 15" deep, 48" bigb, witli a slielf 7" from bottom. 501 Fifth Ave., New York 73 East Lake St., Chicago Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia 141 Milk St., Boston 66 PAINTS Paint Your Factory Cost only 1 5c. In factories and shops it gives a pleasant, clean white c-d'c^V , ""''^'^ '" ^"y *'°^°'' desired. Superfine and Coarse Slasher Cloth and Clearer Cloth. Sinclair Textile and Motor Lubricating Oils and Greases. The savings and increased pro- duction resulting from either the Cleaning Machine or Card At- tachment will repay the entire cost of the installation within a year. The heat treated, chrome vanadium steel rollers, mount- ed in a rugged cage, will operate for years without ap- preciable wear. I Headquarters 75 Hudson Street, New York City I Works : Newark, N. I I -^ I Branches : I Boston, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Providence, Toronto. Atlas Electric Devices Company 360 West Superior Street CHICAGO, ILL. All Steel Mill Type LOCKERS No Floor Space Needed No Extra Building Needed Notice Clearance for Trucks to Pass A Private Locker for Each Employee Securely Fastened to Post or Against Walls Convenient for the Operator Standard Size 12" wide, 15" deep, 42" bigli. Two men with a Universal Sprayer can cover as much space as twenty men with brushes and do a better and more uniform job. UNIVERSAL Cold Water Paint IS a compound mixed with water which we guarantee will not crack, blister peel or drop off. It is likewise ready M to serve Manufacturers who will feel " at home " among the leaders. I Textile Machinery — Textile Mill I Requirements — Textile Engineering — I Textile Mill Construction Aberfoyle Manufacturing Co. AND WHERE FINE ADJUSTMENTS and minute measure- ments are involved, this service proves an even more important safeguard. LABORATORIES and facilities for experimental work are placed at the disposal of those who send us their felt problems. American Felt Company TRADE j CT^V mark 100 Summer Street 114 East 13th Street 325 So. 431 DIRECT FAST ROSE BS DIRECT FAST ROSE 2B DIRECT FAST ROSE 3B DIRECT FAST SCARLET 3S DIRECT FAST SCARLET A DIRECT FAST SCARLET B NEW BRILLIANT COTTON YELLOW L CONC. 54 DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICALS f TDUPDNT^ A SELF-CONTAINED American dyestuff indus- try means, first of all, protection to America and American industries. du Pont de Nemours & Company INCORPORATED Tyestuffs Sales Dept. THIS SERVICE insures our customers against the use of felts which, for their requirements, would be unnecessarily expensive. ^^^^^ Hypemic (Paste Crystal.) Cutch, Gambier, Indigo, Sumac, Extract and Crystals Aniline Colors of Every Available Description (Imported and Domestic) The Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of Dyewood Extracts {Origrnal Predecessors Established in 1798) Uniformity of Shade, and Strength The Feature of our Products New York Philadelphia Boston Hamilton, Ontario Works : Chester, Pennsylvania 52 DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICALS DIRECT FAST COTTON COLORS-ACID COLORS -Qy PRIMULINE, AND ALL ITS DERIVATIVES DIRECT FAST YELLOW FF DIRECT FAST YELLOW SB DIRECT FAST YELLOW AR DIRECT FAST YELLOW No. FORMULAS for the best method of obtaining any DESIRED FINISH on any fabric cheerfully given. The superior quality of the work is due to the elastic stitch — no cutting or pulling of the thread is necessary — when taken from the machine the button- hole is complete. ;58 CARD CLEANING MACHINES il Vlllllllillllllilililllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllillllllllilllillllllllllllllllli^^ CARD ATTACHMENT Gordon Card Attachment and Cleaning Machine The Gordon Card Attach- ment increases the efficiency or cards by turning into usable mate- rial a much larger percentage of the cotton you are using. SEEING IS BELIEVING Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company 2100-18 W. Eastern Office - - - 76 Dorrance Street, Providence, R. CO-OPERATION Our Engineering Department will be glad to co-operate with you in laying out power transmission installations of any kind and all correspondence upon the sub- ject will receive our prompt and thorough attention. • I^ Your Inquiries Will Be Given Prompt and Careful Attention m DYESTUFFS AND CHEMICALS 59 BOSTON PHILADELPHIA CHICAGO COLUMBUS, GA. Cedar and Washington Streets New York Foreign and Domestic DVESTVFFS SYNTHETIC INDIGO MIDLAND VAT BLUES Specialties Colors for the PRINTING TRADE 60 DTESTUFPS AND CHEMICALS HEADQUARTERS FOR CHEMICALS COLORS DYE STUFFS GUMS OILS SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY IN BASLE, SWITZERLAND Manufacturers of CIBA AND CIBANONE FAST VAT DYES A. A few hours Contact with the Rays of the Fade-Ometer is sufficient to Bring Out the Slightest Weakness in the Dye — A Test Equal to Two or Three Weeks by the Uncer- tain and Obsolete "On-the-Roof" Sun Method. Denton, supt.; Waste Yarns, Is to 5s single Mop Yarns; 4-ply and 15 and 30-i)ly Linier Rope; 1,392 mule spindles; 166 twisters; 4 sets cards; electric buy; sell direct; E. Being auto- matic, its capacity, even with unskilled labor, is double that of any other machine. Office and Factory 500 to 514 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass. They'll tell you what Steel Heddle Equipment has done for them. Iron, Steel, Mortise and Rawhide, machine moulded, cut and planed. DYE TESTER 61 June Sunlight for Dye Fading any time you want it -s: The Color Fade-Ometer, Furnishes "Standardized Sun- light." Its Electric Arc Has the Same Intensity as June Sunlight.

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