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Current students may begin applying for the next academic year mid-January through March.New students may begin applying for fall semester beginning February 1st.Here are the guidelines: Complete a Petition for Release .You should be prepared to document and then to discuss in specific terms the reason(s) you are unable to fulfill your contractual responsibilities.In fact, the University is so committed to supporting your success that all unmarried, first-year students, or transfer students with fewer than 30 credit hours, are required to live in the halls during their first year, unless they are residing with their parent(s) within a 50-mile radius of the Uptown Campus.You may cancel your Housing Agreement by providing the Office of Housing & Food Services a written notice via mail, fax, or email by the dates and under the conditions identified in your Housing Agreement.Although all residents are expected to fulfill the terms of the Housing Agreement for the full academic year or the portion remaining at the time of assignment, HFS realizes unforeseen circumstances may prevent a student from fulfilling the Agreement.

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Please be aware that room assignments are made on a first-come/first-served basis.Find out more about the halls in which you may wish to live in the Communities menu.The priority application deadline for fall semester is typically May 1st.You may terminate your contract for subsequent terms without cause upon payment of a termination fee of 50% of room price for each term remaining in your agreement and forfeiture of your 0 security deposit.Students may indicate first, second, and third floor and hall preferences on your Housing Application.First-year students whose parents reside inside a 50-mile radius of the main campus are required to live either with their parents, on campus in a UC residence hall community, or in University-Affiliated Housing.If you live outside of the 50-mile radius and would like to request exemption from living on campus, fill out the Freshman Exemption Form. The university's position is that the support system provided by living on campus enhances the academic efforts and social adjustment of new students-and provides important benefits to all returning students as well.In addition, you must submit a completed and signed Housing Agreement and pay a room reservation fee of 0.Housing Agreements cannot be processed until this reservation fee is received.By submitting your housing application as soon as possible, you will improve the possibility of being assigned to one of your preferred housing choices.The process of submitting an application for housing has been greatly simplified by the use of the online application.

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