Unique to ELC, English Extras give you the chance to practise your English skills in a relaxed and stimulating environment while learning new skills and making friends. These optional special interest classes and clubs are offered after class in the afternoons.

You simply choose the Extras that you are most interested in or you think will be most useful to you every week. Several choices are offered each day according to student demand.

  • Fluency Fast Track

    Practise everyday conversation in a relaxed environment. Talk to other students and teachers about things that interest you – a different topic each week.
  • Film Club

    Improve your listening and vocabulary skills by watching a film in English.
  • Australian Studies

    Learn interesting facts about Australian culture, history, sport, travel destinations and lots more.
  • Songs

    Improve your listening skills and learn new vocabulary. You don’t have to be good at singing to enjoy this class!
  • Pronunciation

    Learn how to make your English sound clear and natural. These workshops given by specialist ELC teachers focus on a different aspect of pronounciation each week.
  • Work OZ

    Learn essential skills and vocabulary for working in Australia. These workshops include: resume preparation, job interview practice and specialized language, such as English for working in a cafe.
  • Social Soccer

    Play a friendly game of soccer at a nearby park with ELC students and teachers.
  • Independent Study

    Study independently with a teacher available to answer your questions. Use this time however you need to, for example: complete exam practice, do extra grammar and vocabulary activities to prepare your work resume with the teacher’s help.
  • Excursions

    Visit tourist attractions and historical sites around Sydney.

Sample Schedule

We change the schedule every month so that you get the chance to try all of the English Extras that you are interested in. Click here to view