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The update process has been greatly streamlined for Windows 10, but that doesn’t mean it’s always problem-free, especially when it comes to compatibility and patches.

Here, we’ll show you how to get Windows Update working again when it fails, and what to do if it looks like an update is causing problems. We put this step first because it’s surprising how much it helps when you run into an unexpected problem.

Search for a phrase like “Windows update problems” or “Windows 10 update” and see if there’s any recent news regarding the software.

In some cases, an update may suffer from known issues and will need to be patched.

This tool will run through your basic operating system parameters and look for any obvious problems that may be keeping Windows Update from functioning correctly.Check to make sure that any incompatible apps are uninstalled and then try upgrading again.The error “0x800F0922,” for example, shows that you are probably having a problem connecting to the right Windows servers and may need to reset your network.Keep in mind that this doesn’t change when updates are installed, but only when your machine will automatically restart — and then, only when you’re not actively using it.Select your preferred times, and click from the main Windows Update settings page to select a custom restart time.Windows Update is sometimes underestimated as a cornerstone of your system’s integrity and security.Microsoft regularly delivers security patches, hotfixes, and software updates through Windows Update, and so if this service stops running or is turned off, then Windows can become vulnerable to bugs and security holes.Just toggle the setting on, and then select your preferred time and day.Step 5: Finally, you can defer system upgrades for a period of time, usually several months.Keep in mind that this applies only to major feature updates, like the Anniversary Update, and not to the monthly security updates. The upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will offer more control over when updates are applied.In the meantime, you’re stuck with avoiding restarts and major upgrades at inopportune times.

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