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In March 2015, Hyland and Sherwood even got matching arrow tattoos, which Hyland posted to Instagram with the caption, “What did I do this weekend?

Got some ink with my best friends.” While Sherwood was not tagged in Hyland's social media post, he took to Twitter on his own, showing off his arrow tattoo as well.

We got to talking and I think it was on the date that we realized we didn't have to work to impress each other. We called ourselves "The Homies" because there were five of us dudes trying to make it in LA and we didn't have our familes around. We always joke about how neither one of us will ever top that.

MP: We had our first formal date at Casa Vega, this little Mexican place. 17: How long did you wait before introducing her to your friends? At the time I was 17 and my roommate was [ star] Sterling Knight. It was such an awesome gift, but it's impossible to top!

, making it official in January 2015 when they were spotted kissing in public, with no apparent effort to hide their previously low-key relationship.

Sherwood was Hyland’s first known relationship after breaking up with long-term boyfriend Matt Prokop.

Following the end of their relationship, Hyland claims that Prokop "relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats".

He was reportedly admitted into rehab in August but left on 21 September.

That said, there's no way to know for sure as neither Sarah nor Dominic have made a statement about the new status of their relationship.

We're just glad to hear Dominic and Sarah have kept things amicable and are parting ways on the best of terms.

actress claims that actor Prokop - who once appeared on the US television show - physically and verbally abused her over the course of their four-year relationship, according to court documents obtained filed by Hyland and obtained by .

I just like talking one-on-one." Indeed, the "Modern Family" star likes to take an old school approach to dating, preferring conversations IRL as opposed to getting to know someone over text.

And there are some touchy subjects." Hyland has experience dealing with uncomfortable subjects surrounding relationships.

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