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If you're building up your DVD collection, you might be wise to pick up the brand new ?"It's so interesting - someone else asked me if season seven was Lynette's year. I feel like every year has been my year because honestly, I love everything I have to act.Bill jokes that whenever my sisters and I decide to get together for a meal or a movie, it takes ‘13 phone calls and two people will cry’sometimes you forget that when you are busy with work, family and marriage.When my children were small my woman friends fell by the wayside, but now when I spend time with them I come out rejuvenated and laughing and happy.I am a normal weight – and I feel huge, like, ‘Let’s play field hockey.’ It sounds like I am being self-deprecating but I am just giving you the truth.I have gone through my life, like a lot of women, rating my experiences on the basis of, ‘Was I thin at that time or fat? In her 70s and 80s my mother was still saying, ‘I’ve got to lose weight.’ I would do anything to save my daughters from that pain.I know they will probably have to go through heartbreak but I would just love it if they didn’t hate their bodies.I would love to have a third but my husband says, ‘No, we are just getting to the place where you can say, “Put on your shoes and get in the car,” and they actually put on their shoes and get in the car.’ I do the worst thing – I don’t say no and then they go on and on about whatever it is they want and finally I break.

They are interested in acting – along with lion-taming….Huffman has since confessed that she broke down in tears when she heard the news.may be coming to an end after its eighth season, but that doesn't mean we can't savour the episodes that we already have!Following the break-up of Tom (Doug Savant) and Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) at the end of the seventh season, producers are now casting a character called Jane to play Tom's new girlfriend.Executive producer Bob Daily confirmed that both Tom and Lynette will be dating new people when the eighth and final season kicks off, reports creator Marc Cherry confirmed at the weekend that the upcoming eighth season will be the show's last.To my mother, I was always her last treasured baby and then I had all these great elder sisters who were like mini mothers.But the downside of that is that I can’t make decisions, I do everything by committee.My friends say to me, ‘You have got to set the boundaries early with your children.’ And I say, ‘You’re right.’ But I still can’t say no.Our house in California is set in almost three acres and we aspire to self-sufficiency – and I love to get the girls involved.I like it when Georgia brings in strawberries from her patch or when Sofia collects the eggs from our chickens or goes and fetches me some mint.We have dogs, too – a rescue dog that you might call a collabrador because he has a bit of labrador in him but he’s a complete mongrel. Our friends next door don’t call the emergency services, they call Bill. ’ But it’s all fine – we both know that having sex on set is the least sexy thing you could ever do in your life because there are 20 people in the room and 100 more watching and all I am ever thinking is, ‘I hope I don’t look disgusting.’and then Bill turned to me and said, ‘It’s been a great life for us, why deny them?

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