Dating a dope dealer

He would have conversations with them that sometimes devolved into speaking of “fucking you in the ass until you bleed.” He took a picture of his erect penis and posted that on a Web site too.One evening-actually about AM- “GI” was caught talking to one of his “bitches” on the speakerphone by a C. (BOP correctional officer) who just pointed at “GI” and said “You owe me one!

While at Oakdale he received visits from his wife and girlfriend at the same time.

Probably because those people at the resort are paying for it and don’t have million in the bank waiting for them when they get home.

And why did the drug dealers come back after giving themselves an unauthorized furlough?

That surprised me as here we were at a so-called “prison” where there was no fence. I wondered how he could end up there, and I guess he sensed that, or knew before talking to me that I would. Only a couple were there for marijuana trafficking. When I say did not stay, I mean that on a weekend they might be as far away as Philadelphia or even New York city, walking and driving around doped up, visiting a “ho” and their dope dealing buddies. Once while I was there a guy went to New York and did not come back. This is quite a concept that the Feds have for incarceration. Anyone who wants liquor and dope at near street prices has it.

He finished by telling me that he was the son of a U. Most were street level thuggish types who dealt crack. But life at the Camp was so sweet that most came back. They keep around ten percent of their prisoners in camps. Behind the fence everything would cost at least ten times as much.

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