Consequences of illegal dating

A Senator for Queensland since 1997, and currently Deputy Leader and Party Whip of the Australian Democrats, Senator Andrew Bartlett was born August 1964 in Brisbane Queensland where he has lived all his life.

He is one of the few Aussie politicians to have had the foresight to register his name as a .com, John Howard and many others have missed out.

Although Americans are happy to vote for Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan, most Australians still find it hard to imagine people like Kylie Minogue or Crocodile Dundee to do a decent job as Prime Minister.You would think that Federal Parliament, with 226 members, each with an average of five staff , adding up to nearly 0 million in salaries alone, would be bristling with well-researched policy ideas.If the Productivity Commission looked at Federal Parliament, its report would read like that to the parents of a recalcitrant schoolboy truant – too busy teasing other kids to get on with solid schoolwork.As a consistent and vocal campaigner for refugees and asylum seekers, he is the only Australian parliamentarian to have visited every refugee detention centre in Australia as well as those on Christmas Island and Nauru, where he went twice to meet with detainees.Click here for more info on his strong record on human rights and social justice issues, animal rights and the environment or visit his official website for more info.He managed to keep the deal on hold for some time negotiating a better deal for people in "the bush", (as Australia outside the cities is known).But when even the National Farmers Federation approved the deal Barnaby could not hold it off any longer and gave his Yes vote.One time the opposition in the NSW parliament attempted to move a motion that politicians should not be allowed in the parliamentary chamber under the influence of alcohol but this motion was defeated !!!!Queensland's Labor Government abolished a law in 2006 that makes it illegal to lie for a politician, but the LNP Government re-instated this law in 2012.But all these politicians manage to keep Australia failry democratic.In 2010 Australia was rated the sixth most democratic country in the world, Norway was the democraticest country, our Kiwi neighbours were slightly democraticer than us at number five, and North Korea wasdown the bottom as the world's undemocraticest country.

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