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If you're familiar with choose-your-own adventure books, then that would give you a pretty good idea of what a visual novel is.It's important to have an understanding of what these games are to see what went so terribly wrong here.The 'girl in the sky' is a legend passed down through the ranks of one special family.Armed with the magical puppet skills he learned from his mother, Yukito Kunisaki follows in her footsteps, traveling from place to place, ever searching for that girl in the sky, ever chasing after that legend.

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Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club.For those unfamiliar, these are games that are played with minimal interaction; players make decisions to uncover story and/or erotic picture sequences.Okay, so not all visual novels are adult oriented, but quite a few (if not most) are, and is one of them - though there was an all ages version released eventually.His journeys have led him to a small costal town where he meets a girl that has a peculiar interest in him - could she be the one?As events slowly start to unfold in front of his very eyes, Yukito finds himself amidst a story that spans a thousand summers...Can Yukino maintain her model student appearance, or will love ruin all her plans?Story Kanon is quite possibly the most generic dribble ever to come out of a dating-sim series, as far as the romance goes.It is filled with the most stereotypical characters: an annoying, whiny, yet needy girl, a clutz that sounds like a 5 year old, who also acts like one, the outcast, the girl who is inevitably dying, etc.In addition to the textbook romance type story, the series can't decide what...After his long absence, Yuichi has forgotten almost everything except minor details of what happened seven years before and is in need of being reminded of what he left behind.is an anime adaptation of a visual novel developed by Key.

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