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The Miami Dolphins are currently looking into a video that appears to show their offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting an unknown powdery substance before a work meeting.

In the video a man who has been identified as Foerster seems to be speaking to a woman and saying how much he misses her.

Nige added that she had no regrets about releasing the video and that she wasn't out to hurt Foerster, whom she called a nice and caring person."Unfortunately, a point has to be proven," she said.

Foerster did not respond to a request from ESPN to appear on the show.

For a quarter century, WQAM has brought the region live coverage of their favorite teams and been home to the most popular and beloved local personalities.

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And everywhere they went, he was sending me other footage.

Like, that's not the only footage I have."She said the video she released, believed to be shot by Foerster, was sent to her within the past week.

She said there are other videos from various locations, calling it "the tip of the iceberg.""This is a regular habit of his anywhere they go," she said.

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She said Foerster invited her to move to Miami and to travel to London when the Dolphins played there Oct. Foerster's wife, Michelle, released a statement Wednesday night, saying: "As a family, our first and foremost concern is that Chris gets the help he needs.

We ask that family members be afforded privacy as we work to support each other during this difficult period.

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