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After dropping out from Howard University, where he was studying business, he later established the Bad Boy Records, a record label, which launched the careers of many successful artists in the music industry.After a series of successful productions, he came out with his debut album titled, ‘No Way Out’, which became a massive hit.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.With the success of his debut album, he reached the pinnacle of his music career and went on to produce more hit albums and also launch his own albums.Some of his albums include, ‘Forever’, ‘The Saga Continues.’, ‘Press Play’ and ‘Last Train to Paris’. He is called Puff Daddy, Puff Diddy, P Diddy and all sorts.We know the name Puff comes from his attitude when agitated but it’s easy to conclude that the name Daddy came about from fathering quite a number of kids. and Kimberly Porter) Date of Birth: June 4, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Gemini American model Kimberly Porter and Sean Combs had an on and off relationship for about seven years from 1994 to 2007.

Sean Combs is one of these few that do not just stand in the crowd of musicians but stands tall. Your answer might be no but I’m sure you know who Puff Daddy is.

I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or any of my other monikers but Love or Brother Love.

God is the greatest, I give him all the glory, and I thank my mama and daddy. So if he wants to change his name to Love or Brother Love, so be it. After making a name for himself with the record label he created, Bad Boy Entertainment, he started releasing rap music under the name Puff Daddy in 1997.

Sean Combs was his birth name till he started to “huff and puff” when offended.

Puff Daddy is one of the multiple award winning hip-hop artists who have their Forbes Status to go with.

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