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Do you try to push that stuff aside, or do some of those tensions stick around? What I came across this year was that although I had no lingering tension between, say, Adam or Kina, it's like high school.

Now every time people are like, what do you eat, what do you do to stay in shape…and you get all of my updates. When I moved back [to Miami], I was going through a lot of changes. I was really into, like, Let me focus on myself and what I want to do. The 2008 pilot (The Seer), which ended in a tense cliffhanger, has since morphed into an upcoming full-length film, The Rise of the Seer, and a book series written by the creator and director, Linda Andersson. I think Rachel would watch it and be like, 'What the f--k?'"When Aneesa continued to talk about it, saying Veronica is hotter than Rachel, Veronica muttered, "So rude." Aneesa's response?You set up your own profile, people can talk to each other, you can comment on each other’s walls, you can set up workout buddies. A lot of the girls who go to it are obviously girls that identify with me, want to just tone up, want to just get into better shape. Everybody on this challenge, we’re all constantly looking for a scapegoat. And with me I think it’s very clear that I don’t have an uncomfortable bone in my body when it comes to being labeled a lesbian. I want to pretend like these people pretend,’ ” Stewart remembers. I’m really trying to build a whole fitness thing online. They want to know how to eat, they want to know how I eat. The way to become that person is by opening up your mouth too much and sometimes even by winning too much. With several independent gay films under her belt, a television pilot that has blossomed into a mini-franchise and a role in an upcoming episode of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, Stewart is actually living the dream that began in front of her family’s television. In the meantime, what are you guys in the Pit Crew doing? Veronica: It's so funny; everyone's wondering this. So everyone on the Pit team is living their normal life. You block out your schedule for the 18 weeks, and you're just on call. And of course, there's the infamous threesome she participated in on season in four years, and Veronica was one of several notable former cast members asked to return. Veronica: I was studying women's issues and sociology. Veronica: I was a junior at school, and I was kind of at that time where it was scary because I was declaring my major and figuring what that means for the rest of my life.However, the season also involves The Pit Crew, brand new cast members who can take the place of a veteran Road Ruler, if a participant is voted in by their castmates and loses a challenge to a Pit member viewers have selected. It was the beginning of the semester and I was with my best friend and my roommate came home and was like, "You know, they're having an open casting for ?The Challenge's Secret Romance Revealed: Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson Dated for 3 Years The Challenge fans, prepare for a bombshell.Longtime viewers of the iconic MTV series, which is currently in its 30th season, were thrilled to see former champ Veronica Portillo, who hadn't competed since 2009, return for The Challenge: XXX.

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