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The day started out innocently enough, casually strolling around past half open breakfast cafes and juice spots not quite open yet. A nipple slip here, a butt flash there and pretty soon the excitement level was riding high.

The fact that people were around and they could maybe see, probably did see what I was up to had my heart racing.

That’s not the only to like about me though; I’m a very outdoorsy gal and I try to live a healthy lifestyle, which is not so easy when your favorite foods are all deep fried, too sweet, or smothered in cheese.

You’d think I’d eat more veggies since I’m from the Garden State, but I like to think I make up for it by being active.

Which means I’m hardworking, motivated, and a very passionate person when it comes to the things I’m interested in or care about.

Even though people are skeptical, I believe learning their sign tells me pretty accurately how well I’m going to be friends with a person.

Chloe is a popular ‘glamour’ model and openly admits to having a love of ‘toys’ – or ‘dicks’ as she jokingly refers to her rather large collection of dildos and vibrators.

When I asked chloe to come to Portugal to shoot for FTV I asked her to bring a large suitcase with as many ‘dicks’ as she could pack.

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Happy to return back to FTV yet again for another shoot, only this time I’m bringing my best friend’s girl with me, her name is Stella.If I could, I’d travel all the way up to space and visit my star sign, the Sea Goat.For those of you who don’t know what that means, I’m a Capricorn.My second favorite is Tennessee, for all of it’s beauty and history.I’ve travelled as far as Jamaica when I was younger. I’d love to see Ireland and Puerto Rico to see what life was like for my great grandparents.I could go on and on, but I’m sure I’ve given you enough detail about my life. V shoot and I’m so glad I got to have such a naughty sexy experience.See you on the web my friends xo Stoney Model Comments Hi guys, this is Samora! I had so much fun being mischievous, flirty, dirty girl and I can’t say enough how much fun I had.My first year of high school, I met Stella’s boyfriend in the nurse’s office, we were faking sick hoping to get sent home to skip a test in a class we had together and ever since we hit it off, he became one of my closest friends.I spent every day kicking it with him, my neighbor and my three other guy friends, throughout high school, these were my main group of friends.Then I don’t know what came over me but I stripped down and ran around just about completely naked.I was running as fast as I could with my as jiggling and my boobs bouncing.

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