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You also get those features back then which You Tube took away from you! - Its Da World Of SNu GGLEZ Netflix Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. an't nobody got time for You Tube Somehow though 5 BILLION videos are watched on You Tube every single day. If you are intro computer and coding, don't use Veoh. I personally hated the fact (top 4.) that You Tube removed (4.) rating with stars, (3.) commenting old-fashioned which allowed filtering the spam to prevent ASCII art, (2.) actually using real USERNAMES ..There are growing pains, but the layout is totally customizable, the staff are friendly and approachable and respond, trolls are summarily removed and a great community and hot videos. stations just put the ads on and honest people don't have to go looking for sites that don't make you any money. Vevo I honestly don't understand why everyone hates Vevo. And it is so easy and simple to use there is no struggle to find what you want and is quick and useful. Not an alternative, but it's great for watching movies and T. shows on the go aside from the fact you have to pay for it of course. or on you computer,phone its works on every devise nexflix on your phone it takes a lot of space you can even have you own profile Newgrounds Newgrounds is an American entertainment and social media website and company. Apparently someone has a few minutes to spare for You Tube! I've been with dailymotion for awhile now and have not had any issues. You Tube doesn't allow full episodes, and Kiss Cartoon takes up too much data.

As per standard procedure, four team members were chosen for the initial investigation. The real entrance was the big polyp thing on the north end. " I'm shouting at him to calm down, we're gonna get him out of there, and then topside tells us to abort, and they start the winches. His faceplate was covered in vomit, poor bastard had puked in his suit. That meant seventy two hours until we came out the other side, assuming we did. I told the kid to turn off his helmet lights, lock his joints, and turn down his heater to minimal. We finally agreed to shut down everything but our internal helmet lights, at least. well, it was puckered up tighter than my Drill Sergeant's asshole back in basic. We decided to wait for a bit until the thing shot its load, so to speak: if it made shit and cum, it would have to spit it out eventually, right? The kid started complaining about this awful smell. Told him it was probably his suit's waste recyclers, told him to let me take a look at it. There was a hole in the back of his leg, probably from the acid.In 2017 it has passed its prime as its chief imperative now is creating as many fees as possible that do not benefit the viewing experience. The only platform I know except from youtube Easy to use, lot of features and above all you can make money through your videos, they even take care of distribution... It may be banned from You Tube due to various reasons, including swearing of an unimaginable quality and the name. Add to this the unfortunate advent of "troll streamers." Most evident in English language Arma 3 streams, broadcasters here encourage the chat to donate at the completion of shocking acts. I understand these beliefs exist in the world, but how has this been going on with this guys' stream since 2014 without a disciplinary warning or anything? If so, they should just admit to it and we'll all move on. Here you will witness the complete absence of any prowess in video game play superseded by adolescent children rewarding broadcasters for indulging in acts of racism, drug use and assorted vulgarities. Sooner or later Twitch will bear the repercussions of this, perhaps with lawsuits or the unwanted scrutiny of an accusatory news media. Lurked a No Pixel RP streamer's chat because the dude was good at shooting cops in the game. Subjects such as "Whites Only" and linked content such as thishttps : //imgur. Except that you can actually do stuff, unlike looking at a Web Archive; which you cannot register, Zipp Cast you can register and upload and experience the old layout! Sometimes I find good old shows here Vine There's a Vines Compilation videos on You Tube - Girly Anime Lover Vine is discontinued. Because our compensation is tied to consumer behavior, we are incentivized to promote the companies and products people are more likely to respond favorably toward.I find it personally the best You Tube alternative if I were to use it as a backup for things such as: False copyright strikes from You Tube, escape predictable "negative" communities affiliating to your videos. - Mattwo I am a file and you put pizzer in me a doo doo doo DOO DOO DOODOO DOO DO IT HESLTHY Veoh You can download videos here by installing their software - ronluna I voted this because it's bad and wanted to make the person who made it fell good about himself - Art100 A waste of time, they don't accept a link, it's called spam. Unlike other sites from this list, this one works... - Mattwo You Chew Wow all I have to say is wow just wow I cannot believe they made a website named You Tube poops this is funny awesome cool and many other names that the arrive describe the awesomeness of this website I Have Two Words For You: You Tube Poops. Great music, more great music, animations, more animations, games, more games, brilliant games, an alien, a tank and a behemoth. Newgrounds..same website that ruined my childhood with animated sex films. Nice videos Twitch At its inception, Twitch was a novel concept and continued to become increasingly innovative as it evolved. - imacg4 They actually made a series called You Tube Poop. You can block explicit music and video content from You Tube, Google Play Music, and other music/radio services from playing on Google Home and linked devices. Read the Pandora Help Center and Spotify Help Center to learn how to manage restricted content on those services.

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