Dating tattooed women

It's no secret that when it comes to the mating game—whether it be for a liaison or a lifetime—men tend to place a higher premium on beauty than women do.

Ample research shows that men are sensitive to a range of physical cues in women, such as a low waist-to-hip ratio, larger breasts, effective cosmetics use, revealing clothing, and wearing the color red (which signals sexual receptivity).

In the United States, the figure is about 23 percent.

(See this Harris Interactive survey for a fascinating breakdown of who gets tattoos in the United States).

Some men were shown the photo with a black dragon tattoo on the woman's upper left arm; others were shown the photo without the tattoo.

When men saw the woman with the tattoo, they judged her as less athletic, less motivated, less honest, less generous, less religious, less intelligent and less artistic than when she displayed no tattoo.

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Men also made contact with the women who had a tattoo than with women who didn't, an average of 23.61 and 34.78 minutes, respectively.But Guéguen noticed one curious set of findings in this thin research area: While men see tattooed women as less promiscuous.Are tattooed women actually more promiscuous than those who display no body art?But according to psychologist Nicolas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud, the research also highlights another sensitivity: Men tend to women's sexual intentions.Put another way, men often misinterpret women as having more sexual interest than they really do.Thus, look at her carefully.’’ All the while, the female confederate simply read while lying flat on her stomach.The interviewer waited 10 seconds and then asked the participant to evaluate the probability of getting a date with the woman if the opportunity presented itself—and the probability having sex with her on the first date.Guéguen conducted a survey of tattooed and pierced women in France, and found that they did tend to have their first sexual intercourse at relatively younger ages.But what this research couldn't determine was whether women with tattoos and piercings were more from men.Given this lack of clarity, he set out to investigate men's responses to tattooed women.He conducted a two-part study: The first experiment tested whether men approach women with tattoos more often than women without tattoos.

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