Catholic church and dating

The Church’s emphasis on the mystery of God, his presence among us, and how that should give us repose in our spiritual lives is another aspect that draws me to be Catholic.We can never hope to fully understand God in all of his glory, but the Catholic Church gives us the ability to at least dwell on the mystery of God and allow ourselves to be allured by his love. Spend an hour in silent adoration of the Eucharist and tell me you don’t feel more peaceful, loved, inspired, and blessed.This aversion to Catholic teaching breaks my heart because the modern form of “stripped down” Christianity is missing the depth and spirituality the Catholic Church offers to its faithful in order to enhance and strengthen our relationships with Jesus Christ.

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The average church-goer may complain that Catholics are too stoic, serious, quiet, or lacking joy, but when the God of eternity is present, I am inclined to shut my mouth and listen.God reveals himself to the Church, opens his heart to us, and demonstrates “No greater love” in that, “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” and chose to manifest this love through the Catholic Church (Romans 5:8). As St Peter articulated, “Master, to whom shall we go? I don’t intend this to be an apologetic defense of the Catholic Church, but rather a personal testimony of what drew me to the Church and what continues to allure me every day.Much of the Catholic faith is horribly misunderstood by society and even when an idea sounds appealing, when they discover that it is Catholic they are immediately turned off to it I realized early on that my aversion to the church was somewhat misguided- if I truly wanted God and heaven, I needed to be open to “The Truth”, wherever that may be.So next time we kneel before entering the pew, cross ourselves before a meal, recite a prayer, abstain from meat on Fridays, fast during Lent, or any other action the Church provides for us, remember that these actions are simply small methods to show Jesus and the world who we love above all.Even when I became convinced of Catholic teachings I remember thinking, “I knew I was being called to “put out into deep water” and respond to God’s voice but I couldn’t bring myself to make the jump. But growing closer to God each day through the Catholic Church.The Church asks us to be holy and to pursue heaven and, through the revelation of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history, it gives us the tools- the “Treasure Chest”- to succeed.Resources like daily mass, confession, adoration, the rosary and multitude of other prayers, the divine office, the example of the saints, the Catechism, and the liturgical calendar all provide Catholics with ample ammunition to increase our faith in Jesus Christ.Truth doesn’t change (no Magisterial teachings have been contradicted or repealed throughout history), and how can we know what truth is if we don’t have a Holy Spirit-led Church to guide us into the fullness of truth and reveal God’s love throughout the ages?When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” John -13 Another aspect of the Church that allured me early on and continues to draw me in is its unapologetically high standards when it comes to spirituality, art, morality, language, and social ethics.In discerning my faith direction, I was forced to take the attitude of the chasing the truth- If we take any route other than the pursuit of truth we are liable to be misled by emotions, lies, agendas, or ignorance.As a result of this mindset, I became drawn to the idea of apostolic succession and tradition in the Catholic Church.

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