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He acted in Jason Miller's play, "That Championship Season," at the Bernard B. These young guys - they become famous for having filthy mouths, bad habits, saying really unique things like, 'I like to drink, smoke and have sex.' Oh really? Jacobs Theatre on Broadway in New York City with Brian Cox, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Noth, and Kiefer Sutherland in the cast. I grew up in a house in suburbia, attended a private all-girls school, and went to Pitt for college. I’m obsessed with puppies and kittens, and currently have one little asshat kitten named Figaro.It always settles the nerves when you get a laugh so here’s a few best man speech jokes and one liners to give you a bit of inspiration.– Nobody ever seems to pay the Groom a compliment, I think you”ll all agree Mike is also looking pretty good.

But then I remembered that I was supposed to be writing a speech.

” Stuart’s had some dodgy girlfriends over the years.

I never forget a face but in their case I’d be glad to make an exception Mark has always been a bit of a hypochondriac but I think he learned his lesson during exam time when he took a sleeping tablet and a laxative in the same night. Well, I do hope that Howard and Mary enjoy their honeymoon in Wales. When I asked Howard what he was doing after the wedding he said he was going to Bangor for a fortnight… I’ve know him for about 10 years, he’s handsome, intelligent, witty, charismatic..sorry, wrong wedding.

So far, you probably think I’m a basic white girl and I’d say you’re right.

You will get to know entirely too much about me through my posts, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. The only time I’ve lived outside of Pittsburgh was when I studied abroad in Barcelona for 5 months. I spend way too much money on clothes, Starbucks, and yoga.

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