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But is the App Radio 4 the best ‘budget’ Car Play receiver out there? Out of the box it is clear that Pioneer has chosen to mimic the look of Apple’s i OS devices.With its silver edge rimmed bezel design, the App Radio 4 carries a close resemblance to an Apple i Pad.It’s practically ancient now, in its design, and it oozes that ‘boy racer’ style and doesn’t carry the sophistication that Apple has ushered into our lives and will be something i OS owners will be accustomed to.Navigating through the menus can feel you’re physically running through a mental mind maze, regularly finding yourself taking the wrong turn and ending up at a dead end.

So whichever aftermarket receiver you choose to install in your vehicle, the OS experience will be the same throughout – Don’t let any dealer tell you otherwise!

The glass-fronted display houses a 6.2-inch capacitive touch-screen, with a resolution of 800×480 – similar to both the Alpine and JBL headunits, and most other headunits selling in 2016 come to think of it.

Compared to the Alpine the App Radio 4 has a smaller screen size, which is due to the left edge of the bezel being slightly thicker, to accommodate a handful of touch-sensitive function buttons.

I will not report on Car Play itself on the Pioneer because, what is written today can change or could be improved upon next month with software updates, so be sure to read our other articles for opinions on Apple Car Play OS, its app updates and changes to Apple’s Car Play platform with each new i OS update.

The App Radio 4’s interface features menus, upon menus; a sea of buttons and options litter the front screen from the very start, all begging for your attention, and with no clear winner.

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