Are zac efron and vanessa still dating 2016

5 -- both remained fairly tight-lipped on the relationship."I've never spoken about us before, but, um, it's definitely different," Miró revealed in a rare interview last year."If I was dating someone who wasn't in the limelight, I might have more photos on [Instagram] of our relationship. As for Hudgens, she is miffed with his attitude and the interference is not going down well with her.

"Distance and work schedules got in the way with their relationship and Zac wanted to focus on his career."Sami, it seems, is focusing on her career as well, and has been busy promoting her Sami Miro Vintage Shop.

The former couple went public in October 2014 during a trip to Copenhagen.

While they have shared a number of snapshots since then -- like their sweet anniversary posts to one another on Sept.

Zac Efron, as well as, Vanessa Hudgens made it to the dating headlines yet again.

After staying away from each other for past several years, the two are reportedly cheating on Austin Butler and Sami Miro.

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  1. To save face, she accepts an offer from her contractor, who secretly has a crush on her, to step in as groom and marry her. Love Michael Shanks and watch everything he's in but casting him as the love interest of Lisa is all wrong!