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But Microsoft, maker of Kinect and Xbox, immediately shot down any speculation that the game will pass the certification process.

Kinect enables video game players to move characters through the use of real-life movements made possible by 3-D object scanning and manipulation.

Microsoft and Sony are both turning to Wii-like motion controllers as a way to extend the life of video game consoles, and each revealed new games and hardware.

Now that the dust has settled from the showdown, which platform came out the winner from the game extravaganza?

Sony’s presentation hyped Move, a more precise and ergonomic version of the Wii-mote controls. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a wide enough assortment of games to fully demonstrate the power of the new technology.

And despite the wealth of great games on offer, the game industry gets particularly revved-up over new hardware, in which case maybe both companies lost out entirely to the Nintendo 3DS.

Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller has been out for less than two months and already there’s an adult company looking to produce a 3-D sex game for the Xbox 360 console.

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