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Tweet There’s only myself and one other person that moderates the forum. I have a moderately sized niche forum (~ 3,000 members) and I disagree to a certain extent.I think there are certain topics that cause more harm than good to a community.Jewelry Luvr – Banning controversial subjects can be a good idea as it can prevent arguments, however a little controversy can be healthy for a community as it encourages debate and interaction.

A forum moderator should be posting new threads and adding new content to the site.

As I have said before, you must never repress your community.

You must ensure that you moderate your forum effectively – this means adopting a laissez-faire approach and allowing your members a large amount of freedom.

Most important I believe, is to help out with members seeking help at the forum. I also like the fact you only have one moderator in addition to yourself – some forums have too many staff members and as a result become far too overbearing and more like a community of police officers than a community of regular people!

Ramana – You’re right; the definition is in the word ‘moderator’ not ‘oppressor’ or ‘police officer’!

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