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Two years into their marital affair, Alison and Pat gave birth to a child.In July 1999, Alison gave birth to Sam, the first child with her husband Pat.When Sam was 2 years old, Alison denied him any television because she thought them to be over-stimulating.With a divorce early on her career, Alison, 45, is in no hurry to get married again.

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Her angelic voice and humble personality have made her a fan favorite for long.

After her affair with Pat, 55, ended in 2001, Alison has been focusing solely on her music and son.

She has not been even in the dating pool, let alone thinking of marriage. I asked Dan Tyminski -- Union Station's guitarist -- if he wouldn't stay in the house with me.

He also has bright blue eyes and long, curly reddish hair, tied this day, in a makeshift knot at his shoulders.

His hair remains mostly red despite his age, but his goatee has grayed. The price was paid, according to the band, to escape the turbulence of smaller planes.

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