For students who…

intend to do further study in English, for example at university or business college in Australia.

Lessons include…

  • Developing skills and fluency for presentations and speaking exams
  • Academic reading and writing skills
  • Listening skills for IELTS and academic contexts
  • IELTS exam skills and techniques
  • Developing academic research and study skills
  • Academic vocabulary and grammar in context
  • Skills for tutorials, seminars and lectures
  • Orientation to student life in Australia

Program Details

This course is the best preparation for students wishing to study in English at an Australian university or business college. Whether you want to gain entry to your course via one of ELC’s direct entry agreements or by taking the IELTS examination, this program will get you into the course and ensure you are ready to enjoy it.

Course book: The Academic English program uses a Cambridge University academic English course book which focuses on improving language skills while thoroughly preparing students for the challenges of academic study. You will regularly listen to lectures on academic topics.

EAP and IELTS Preparation

All of our academic English students are planning to study at universities or other higher education colleges in Australia or elsewhere. Some may need to show an IELTS score to gain entry to their chosen course, others may be on one of ELC’s pathway programs and not require an IELTS score.  Our Academic English course is tailored to meet the needs of students in both situations.


EAP students
Students following the EAP stream of Academic English must successfully complete a minimum of 10 weeks of lass work and assignments to be awarded an EAP certificate and gain direct entry into one of the business colleges or universities that ELC has agreements with. However, if students’ plans change, the course prepares them well to take the IELTS test and enrol at any institution they like!
IELTS students
Students following the IELTS stream of Academic English will develop knowledge of the IELTS exam and test taking skills, and improve their academic skills, so when they start a course at a business college or university they will have all the skills they need to perform well in their studies. In professional jobs, these same skills, reading and writing reports and giving presentations for example, will also be highly valued.


To help both EAP and IELTS students you will have weekly individual sessions with the Academic English coordinators who will create and manage your personal study plan, tailor the course to your needs, and give you feedback on your progress towards you r IELTS or EAP goals or advice on your future studies. Students working towards EAP and direct entry can get extra personal assistance with their essay writing and research skills, while students preparing for the IELTS test can also use these tutorials to practice their speaking test interviews.

Course types

Intensive Academic English – EAP & IELTS
This is our popular full-time course, which allows you to improve your academic English
skills and prepare for study and exams. You will study in groups all day and choose a Special Focus Module class in the afternoon.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red Academic English Special Focus Modules English Extras

Premium Academic English – EAP & IELTS
This option is ideal if you need to prepare very intensively and efficiently and need individual support in specific skills or language areas. It combines group study with one-to-one lessons designed to fulfil your specific needs.

15hrs 5hrs-blue 5hrs-red Academic English One to one Lesson English Extras



Each level usually requires 10 weeks to complete.

      Entry Level Exit Level
1 Intermediate /  IELTS 5.0 + IELTS 5.5
2 Upper Intermediate / IELTS 5.5 + IELTS 6.0
3 Advanced /  IELTS 6.0 IELTS 6.5-7.0

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